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  1. I also think this is one of her best albums ever....only a few tweaks I would have made to the track list (apart from the vocoder vocals throughout... ) Medellin Dark Ballet God Control Future (Madame X Tour version) Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Crave Crazy Come Alive Extreme Occident I Don't Search I Find Ciao Bella Looking for Mercy I Rise
  2. The left one is PERFECT. Just would prefer it textless, since the text on the neck is a bit like Rebel Heart. It's such a stunning photo that it stands alone just fine. Less airbrush, and that would have been one of her most iconic album covers ever.
  3. I'd absolutely love that, but only with the introspective lyrics I know that she's capable of putting out. At this stage in her life, she has so much we can learn from. I want to know what she thinks at 60. How she views the world. How *she* is, not always her opinion on the governments or songs about sex. She's never really pulled back that curtain, per se. Madame X was close, but it was much more character play than a raw record. With great lyrics, I'd be down for any style of music, including Hip Hop. It's the grillz and "see my booty get down like" lyrics that get in the way of the co
  4. Just came to post this! Loving this mix, the Chris Cox mix and the Offer Nissim mix (I need to hear these two loud at a club). I've said it, and I'll say it again: This should have been the first single.
  5. Yes -- It's a nice segue-way into the final serious songs on the album. Listened to this song ordering last night, and it sounds sublime.
  6. I highly doubt she cares at all about that. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Mirwais gave Madonna a "sound". Everything they've produced together has sounded effortlessly cool, and she should keep him around for the long haul from here on out as Executive Producer while still exploring other genres and songwriters.
  7. She def should have dropped Faz Gostoso from the album. So unnecessary. A cover? Not needed, especially when you can't even tell when it's Madonna and that other singer. Plus that horrendous bridge "I like...to...party...." Now, Bitch I'm Loca on the other hand -- That has a cool production. Love that one, especially since it's short anyways. Ciao Bella is hands down one of her best tracks in the last 15 years or so. Perfect beach vibe. The amount of times I watched the Pacific sunset last summer listening to this song with a joint...anywho.... I would have put it after IDSIF /
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