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  1. But she does give a fuck - look how she celebrated being #1 in the US. She wants to be #1 everywhere. Appreciate what you're saying - she's not playing it safe or doing things purely to be liked and I'm loving that, but no one can pretend she didn't care if Eurovision went well or not. 

    I think the Eurovision debacle still doesn't explain why there weren't any musical performances on TV. For any pre-recorded show, she can always do another take. She did Ghosttown a couple of times on Jonathan Ross. But the cancellation of Madonna at the BBC, if true, does explain it. And that's actually quite depressing as I'd completely forgotten the rumour about that potentially happening! Although, if it was all booked why didn't they just go ahead with it? They could have always scheduled it outside of primetime or on BBC Two or even BBC Four if they thought it wasn't going to pull in the millions.

  2. 3 hours ago, Dany Targaryen said:

    At first I thought Rebel Heart was a little better, but now I'm convinced Madame X is one of her best albums ever. It's DEEP. Like, with every listening you discover new things. It hasn't been this way to this degree since Ray of Light, I think..

    My fav track is God Control(no shit Sherlock). But I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying Faz Gostoso.

    I think Faz Gostoso and God Control need to be major singles. Hopefully Anitta will make a video with Madonna. If I were Anitta I'd shop for financing myself. It's a huge career highlight to have a video with Madonna.

    Totally agree with all of this. 

    I was so excited about the album release last week but various things happening meant I couldn't really take it in. A week later, I'm really appreciating it. It's still a honeymoon period for me so I don't know where I'll rank it in future, but I know it will stand the test of time. Weird that it covers so many styles but feels like such a complete album. 

  3. 23 minutes ago, boy skeffington said:

    You I think her fanbase is older than the fanbases of the streaming giants. I stream exclusively but my listening habits are probably minuscule compared to young people. I don’t have time in my day to listen to much music and there are times I enjoy silence.

    I’ve listened to MX constantly in the past week but it’s not sustainable. My life isn’t revolved around music. 

    I’d love to see any streaming numbers for unique listener interactions with albums/songs compared to repeated listens by a small group or demo listening over and over. 

    I love what she has accomplished on this album. It’s a masterwork.

    Agree with this. 

    The album campaign has consistently delivered over 2 months. I can't really fault it. They did lots of things right and in terms of streaming, it made sense to release the songs they did first. I'm surprised those songs didn't perform better and I'm shocked at the low views for the Crave video but no one can say it's been a bad roll out. Eurovision was a disappointment as we all know what incredible performances she delivers and this was the right time to remind the general public of that. But, that has already been discussed.

    We're moving into an era where stats mean less and less. Streaming records change by the day. I read an article the other day where it said Ed Sheeran has shifted 150 million albums. He's had 3 albums out so that would mean each of his albums was as successful as Thriller. Its complete rubbish. As we've seen, every artist (including Madonna) claims their album is at #1 when it hits that spot briefly on iTunes.

    At this stage, I'm glad of the good reviews and the fact that this album will stand the test of time. And she has just had another US #1. A stat worth bothering about. 

    I just wish there had been more live performances on TV. I can only presume she didn't want to do this as most of the more commercial songs are duets and the others would be difficult to perform live. 

  4. After looking forward to the album for so long, there were a few things going on last week which meant I couldn't properly take it in. This week has been so busy but I've really started to appreciate the album and love it. 

    It's too early to compare to other albums (I loved Rebel Heart and still think 4 of the songs are some of her absolute best) but this album has that magic that is difficult to articulate.

  5. Kylie had three very radio friendly singles and focused her promotion on the UK, doing almost every TV show going. I've been a fan of Kylie on and off throughout her career. Didn't like her last album much at all but it was perfect radio 2 fodder and I can see why it did well. 

    As a UK fan, I'm disappointed Madame X didn't get to no.1 as I've always been so proud of her chart success here, but if you'd asked me to choose a UK or US no.1, I would have said US - it's the biggest market and it adds to her tally there.

    I'm pleased for her. And to be fair, good on Bruce. I would have been much more disappointed if Bastille had beaten her. 

    I do think a UK no.1 was achievable though, even against Bruce. We won't get into Eurovision again but it's crazy she didn't do at least one other UK performance. Having said that, with Rebel Heart she did the Brits and two songs on Jonathan Ross and it was a similar scenario. 

  6. 27 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    Isn’t it interesting how they come for the obvious target? I thought Ian came across as super arrogant to madonna, being very dismissive. But he’s a 80 year old man poking fun at himself and his age while also at the same time clearly seeing himself as someone who wanted the attention.

    I noticed Cheryl seemed distant too while M was friendly with her.

    the person sitting next to her  seemed so happy to see Madonna. Did anyone notice that?

    Yes Cheryl was quite distant. Probably a bit embarrassed by her previous  comments when Madonna was being very warm and friendly with her. Or maybe just unsure of what Madonna was going to say next. Madonna is such a huge star and we forget that puts everyone else on edge, so it instantly changes the dynamic when she is sharing the airtime with others. 

    I noticed that Sheryl was the only one Madonna gave a kiss to. She shook hands with everyone else. 😂

  7. A few people are saying the album has received mixed reviews but I don't agree. Almost all of the more respected publications have given 4 stars and a lot of the 3 star reviews have been positive. Maybe 'mixed' in that they are not all the same rating but it's not like the album is getting  a load of negative reviews as well as the good ones.

    Q magazine used to spell out what its ratings meant and 3 stars was something like 'good but not for everybody' which I think sums this album up pretty well - although I would give it 4 stars myself, nudging 5.

    I think her problem sometimes is that we/reviewers judge all of her albums against her other unparalleled work rather than what else is out at the moment.

  8. 45 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    Watching now... so far she said NOTHING wrong.. im telling you, it’s the « look » that’s throwing people off. 

    Agree with this. I think the look put people off a bit but who cares. I never go on Twitter now for this reason - it's just people moaning, criticising and showing off. 

    Still think the interaction with Ian Mckellen was awkward, maybe because they both felt they should be top billing, but the rest was fine. 

    Just would have liked more Madonna time and a song would have been amazing. 

  9. 15 minutes ago, Lindyloo said:

    Twitter is banned in this house. I enjoyed the interview.

    It would have been better just being devoted to her alone but it was nice to see her with other guests. I think this interview may have been a late decision. Get her in the programme even though the guest slots are all filled. Graham would have made space for her no matter what. She wasn’t mentioned in the Radio Times as being on the show. Normally all guests are listed. They had Ian mckellan as the top billing star.


    I don't understand why she was a late addition though. On any big promo round she always does Graham Norton or Jonathan Ross. The rest of the campaign has been meticulously planned for months - seems so odd that the publicity team would overlook this and have to shoehorn her in at the last minute. Unless she just didn't want to do a full show. 

    I enjoyed it too but after years of wondering what she would be like next to other guests, I've realised I prefer it when she has the show to herself!

  10. To be fair to the writer, the journalist themselves often don't choose the headline for the final piece. It's usually the editor or sub-editor - so she probably didn't choose 'Madonna at 60' for the title.

    I mostly enjoyed the article and wouldn't have seen a huge problem with it if Madonna hadn't reacted today. I thought it was much better than the Vogue article, which made her sound aloof and quite unfriendly. 

    The decor stuff is the thing the casual reader wants to hear so there's always going to be an element of that to set the scene. At least Madonna has good taste and the references were flattering. 

    I think the problem with it was that there wasn't enough from Madonna herself and Madonna gave the writer that kind of access for exactly that purpose.

    The journalist also listened to the album and barely made any mention of it (if I remember correctly). 

    There was also obviously too much focus on her age. The journalist tried to write about it through her own lens of aging as a fan but for Madonna it must be so boring and tiresome to read. The journalist said she felt too nervous to ask her about menopause - so why reference it in the piece? Would someone have asked Bowie if he could still get it up or wrote about that? Maybe her anger today was just the culmination of seeing EVERY interview, article and review this era lead with how old she is. 

  11. I really like it. I think the Bohemian Rhapsody comparison is over-selling it a bit as it gives the impression there are more parts to the song, when actually there are two clear halves. Love the piano and the production that kicks in in the second half is really cool. Also love the spoken word.

  12. On third listen now and this is really growing on me. I'm not a huge fan of UB so I wasn't that excited about this one but, for me, it's much stronger. For those complaining about Quavo, I don't get it. He complements the song well and isn't overpowering or distracting.

    It needs to be played loud. The chorus is great but I love the first verse as the beat comes in. It's catchy, I think it will go down well with casual Eurovision viewers and I'm looking forward to it live - imagine it will work amazingly in a big venue. Like A Prayer should also segue perfectly into the intro (although they are obviously very different).

    I'd say this is my second favourite track so far, after Medellin. As much as it's great hearing the tracks ahead of the release, I can't wait to sit down and listen to the album in full, as intended. I think we'll all have a different perspective on certain songs when we hear them as part of whole.

  13. This just shows that despite being the  biggest radio station in the UK, Radio 2 has no influencing power when it comes to singles. (Something we all knew). However, its support does help to build awareness and anticipation of the album, which is the real goal here.

    Still disappointed that Medellin wasn't a hit of some sort. It has all the ingredients of a summer smash if it could have cut through - and for me it's classic Madonna.

    I agree with @Kim though - would rather they ditched it now and moved on to Crave! 

  14. What she says about Lola is so revealing in itself. Lola is obviously multi-talented but having Madonna's drive is a talent on its own but people don't appreciate it. Could always tell that she identifies with David and he seems to have that confidence she has. Incredible because it's not a genetic thing obviously and I don't mean to use them to make a point but it shows how much kids respond if given encouragement 

  15. 9 minutes ago, ooohlala said:

    Thankfully the various soundtrack sales all seem to have died down a bit too! Only a few albums last year got to number 1 around the time of year because of The Greatest Showman, so phew. 

    12,000 sales for an artist as commercial as Pink is ridiculously low, but maybe that’s just how things are in 2019. 

    Actually, ignore me. I just re-read the article and it says she is 12,000 sales ahead of the nearest competition. It doesn't say how much she has sold so far but I guess we'll find out on Friday. Sorry! I thought that was weird. 


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