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  1. Let's make a list of the most used words on the record: - God - Prayer -
  2. i love this version so much but at the same time my mind thinks that the song could be part of the new aladdin soundtrack haha but i really love this futuristic version
  3. From my POV this vid sounds like the demo of Funana
  4. First mexican review: Score 9/10 https://www.milenio.com/espectaculos/musica/madame-madonna-ofrece-experiencia-sonica-unica
  5. This is how looks iTunes México right now! and DB video is on top
  6. NEW REVIEW BY THE GUARDIAN (out today, june 8, 4/5 stars) Madonna: Madame X review – a splendidly bizarre return to form Madonna’s 14th studio album is an engrossing mix of Latinate beats, political allusion – and Joan of Arc Madonna is in her fourth decade of what we now somewhat suspiciously call appropriation, a pick-and-mix skill set that has previously laid the singer open to accusations of unoriginality or, worse, cultural hijacking. But when the patented Ciccone filtration system gets it right, the process is just shy of alchem
  7. this guy has another IG account and he posted the snippets of 3 songs so i reported himm
  8. https://www.instagram.com/respect_store/ i think this is the chilenan store that is selling the album
  9. THE SUN: GUIDE TRACK BY TRACK by Dan Wootton BOLD experimentation, controversial political comment and downright epic pop. That’s why Madonna’s highly anticipated new album marks yet another phase of her groundbreaking chart career. For the creator of some of the biggest pop choruses in history to throw caution to the wind and create some of her most daring music ever, at the age of 60, is a welcome reminder of why Madonna has remained at the cutting edge of music for four decades. It’s further proof that none of her young rivals are coming anywhere close to making pop musi
  10. this. I really love how this song sounds (maybe is one of the bonus tracks)
  11. I'm starting to think that I'm right about DB being single
  12. NME: Bold, bizarre, self-referential, and unlike anything Madonna has ever done before Score: 4/5 stars Madonna’s latest persona ‘Madame X’ borrows her name from the historical figure Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau: a socialite and occasional muse who scandalised genteel French society when she bared naked flesh – her entire shoulder, would you believe it – in a portrait. And while Madge’s own eye-patch wearing interpretation prefers taking a more enterprising approach to the current job market (Madame X is a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun, a singer, and a saint many among ot
  13. MY THEORY: I think it's more related to catholic culture, where the women used to go to church with these (black or white), so this could relate with the backdrop when we saw the priest and monks, and the possition that M did looks like when people go and receive communion.
  14. Does anyone if the Madame X will have a launch party? Months ago (when a newspaper said that the tour was booked on theaters) the same newspaper said that Madonna will sing songs from Madame X in a place of Lisbon (or something like this)
  15. This is the Mirwais post about the way that Madame X sings.
  16. I'm thinking that DB will be single because: 1. THIS SONG LOOKS PROMISING in every way 2. The track comes out one week before the album, so the day of the album release she can drop the video to get more attention 3. The backdrop of Eurovision, visuals are stunning (that may or not come from the music video) 4. This scenes looks for me to be part of the music video that could be filmed by Emmanuel Adjei, this pic reminds me that heads of state tried to silence Joan of Arc, to shout her mouth. Emmanuel Adjei posted on his IG a pic of Joan of Arc
  17. About her voice, days ago I say a post (I can't find it)on someones of M's team saying that she invented a new technique (or at least is using a new for her) for this album and the vocal production and engineering was made by Lauren D'elia in all the tracks that we heard.
  18. remember the instrumental at the end of the video of Madame X tour? Well if you listen to "future" on min 2:31 you can hear it
  19. THIS PERFORMANCE LOOKS THAT WILL BE ON ANOTHER LEVEL (even if she uses some elements from the Met Gala this will be bigger in production and energy)
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