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  1. Let's make a list of the most used words on the record: - God - Prayer -
  2. i love this version so much but at the same time my mind thinks that the song could be part of the new aladdin soundtrack haha but i really love this futuristic version
  3. From my POV this vid sounds like the demo of Funana
  4. First mexican review: Score 9/10 https://www.milenio.com/espectaculos/musica/madame-madonna-ofrece-experiencia-sonica-unica
  5. This is how looks iTunes México right now! and DB video is on top
  6. NEW REVIEW BY THE GUARDIAN (out today, june 8, 4/5 stars) Madonna: Madame X review – a splendidly bizarre return to form Madonna’s 14th studio album is an engrossing mix of Latinate beats, political allusion – and Joan of Arc Madonna is in her fourth decade of what we now somewhat suspiciously call appropriation, a pick-and-mix skill set that has previously laid the singer open to accusations of unoriginality or, worse, cultural hijacking. But when the patented Ciccone filtration system gets it right, the process is just shy of alchem
  7. this guy has another IG account and he posted the snippets of 3 songs so i reported himm
  8. https://www.instagram.com/respect_store/ i think this is the chilenan store that is selling the album
  9. THE SUN: GUIDE TRACK BY TRACK by Dan Wootton BOLD experimentation, controversial political comment and downright epic pop. That’s why Madonna’s highly anticipated new album marks yet another phase of her groundbreaking chart career. For the creator of some of the biggest pop choruses in history to throw caution to the wind and create some of her most daring music ever, at the age of 60, is a welcome reminder of why Madonna has remained at the cutting edge of music for four decades. It’s further proof that none of her young rivals are coming anywhere close to making pop musi
  10. this. I really love how this song sounds (maybe is one of the bonus tracks)
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