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  1. Gorgeous. I felt so happy watching it. and this has been one of my favorite songs in the album since the first time I heard it.
  2. Tbh it would be a mistake if her team ignores this song, it would be huge if given a push in Brazil with a proper video. Even something simple like the Crave video would be enough. the song is already the most streamed from the album on YouTube
  3. That was my reaction as well. I really can’t picture any other mainstream pop star making such a gorgeous and weird body of work. Thats probably the reason I love it so much because I FEEL like I’m listening to the album Madonna wanted to make.
  4. Almost 1 million views in a few hrs. they really need to push this as a single in Brazil.
  5. I’m so overwhelmed by the positive response the album has had on my social media from people I follow. Lately I was used to everyone bashing Madonna but I saw so many people praising the album and calling it her best since confessions. With the exception of a few haters, this is a triumph for Madonna.
  6. I love Batuka but that’s because I’m cultured and world traveled
  7. Yeah “I don’t Seaech, I Find” sounds very Erotica álbum but it also reminds me of the “Bedtime Story” song
  8. That rumor was started by a Madonna fanpage on Instagram. i don’t know why people do that
  9. A masterpiece of an album. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! So weird, so experimental, yet SO enjoyable! The way the music switches and she goes from English, to Portuguese, to Spanish with such ease. This is Madonna’s weirdest album ever! But it works and it’s cohesive. Definitely her best since Confessions. The tracks they release before don’t really make it justice. I need to listen to it again cuz that was a lot to take in. but I am SO happy. Omg
  10. So catchy! And isn’t Rio’s pride next week? This is gonna be played at every gay party lol
  11. Really? If you look up the tag on Twitter her fans are complaining that she only sings 2 lines and it’s all Madonna lol
  12. I Don’t Search I find is out in full. I’m trying to be strong and not listen to it but it’s so tempting lol!
  13. Yes! It’s screaming single material. i love it
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