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  1. Why can't I get in the flop princess forum?

  2. Omg guys so the show was amazing! I loved everything. I'm so happy she sang Frozen. I cried when she sang Who's That Girl, it's was one of my great grandmothers favorite songs. I was sitting next to an older couple. I expected them to be all uptight and just sit the whole time. They knew the new songs. The husband was screaming "YASSS" when Madonna kept talking about the penis stage. Lol but man I can't get over how amazing the show is. She looked and sounded great. I never seen her so happy and flirtatious before. I will never forget this night.
  3. I called ticketmaster and asked if I can upgrade. I had to pay $80.
  4. I'll be there. Also I just upgraded my ticket. I was in section 209 now I'm in section 103
  5. Does Madonna pay for everything with her own money or does her label pay for it?
  6. So I made a list of what I'm getting -Joan of Arc Tshirt -Rebel Heart Blanket -Tourbook -Rebel Heart necklace - Nun Habit (if they have it) -Rebel Heart Sweater - Tour poster I just wanna thank my school for giving me Financial aid this semester!
  7. 1 show in San Jose. I was supposed to go to Inglewood, but my friends and I had to cancelled due to exams
  8. Can someone tell me how much the blanket is?
  9. thanks! After watching that I fell in love with it!
  10. I love the setlist. But I do wish they change the 80's medley. Keep the songs just add something else to it. It's kinda meh.
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