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  1. 1 hour ago, Monsieur X said:

    Probably because they’ve been instructed not to.

    Sure, I do not think Madonna is very satisfied with that performance, and she surely knows that it was a great missed opportunity.

    I think they were not aware of the impact that Eurovision was going to have, I think they did not try too hard, as opposed to the Superbowl.

    Eurovision is party, fun, people want to see Madonna dance, do something amazing, (like the Super Bowl).

    not a recycled performance from a year ago, dark, with a static Madonna on stage.  where they did not shine nor their incredible dancers..Future?.. great song bit not for Eurovision.

    Do you imagine idsif or God Control with a good staging?  that's what fans want in Eurovision.

    I hope She  have learned, Eurovision has already passed, but in Europe it has had a very negative impact.


  2. Madame X 'is an amazing album, 

    other Madonna albums have not reached number 1.

    We must be proud of the album that he has given us, that he continues to make music and is not retired taking care of his children and spending her money.

    Madonna has won in Itunes and Bruce in physical sales.

    would Bruce number 1 if he received all the crap that Madonna receives from haters, press ...?

    by the way Bruce is also a great artist.

    every time I hear Madame X 'I feel more proud, it's a masterpiece. deserves all the prizes and nominations of the world.. Are you going to receive them?  we all know that it is most likely not ... it is not Beyoncé or Gaga ... (the story always repeats).

    we'll see what happens in Usa.

  3. 1 minute ago, smirnoff_ice said:

    Hopefully it is not televised or streamed anywhere to affect the album sales. ESC did more harm than good for sure.

    Sure, Eurovision in Europe has done a lot of damage to Madonna's image, especially in the non-fan world.

    I've been listening to friends and family for weeks talking about how bad it was .. To top it off I've had to listen to little more than this is over .. and praising Beyoncé, Gaga .. naive ..

    I can not defend what he did in Eurovision, although I think the reaction has been , 

    the knives are always sharp if it's Madonna, 

    I can not be happier of the numbers 1 of Madame X ', of the good reviews she has received .. 

  4. I love future, but Eurovision was a disaster.

    it did not have strength, nor was it what was expected of her. and that in front of a millionaire audience.

    until the choreography, the dancers were terrible.

    I thought She have learned, but it seems I was still on the same line.. what a pity!

    but the setlist is confirmed??

    with the wonderful record she has made.. I expected God control..i do not Search, i find...

  5. let's help Madonna!!


    Madonna and Bruce Springsteen battling for No. 1 in the UK

    It’s a battle between Madonna and Bruce Springsteen on this week’s UK Official Albums Chart.

    New albums by Madonna and Bruce Springsteen go head to head for the Number 1 spot. 

    But Bruce Springsteen‘s Western Stars currently leads the way over Madonna‘s  Madame X by just shy of 16,000 combined sales on the latest Official Chart Update.

    1. Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars (36,511) 
    2. Madonna – Madame X (20,621)
    3. Bastille – Doom Days (11,743)
    4. Lewis Capaldi – Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish

    Apparently, streamings data are better for Madonna.

    It is very important that not only you buy the album, but that you keep on streaming it on every online platform.



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