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  1. Diplo is still SUCKS. He now licking Madonna's ass not change anything. I hate hypocrites and I hate his generic stuff. She maybe doesn't know about his unfortunate statements. I wish that she would have known and so she hadn't scrapped Stromae for him (I think a collaboration with Stromae would have been much more interesting), anyway this is off topic. Elton supposedly apologized to her.. so him.
  2. http://www.news-of-madonna.com/Les-repetitions-du-REBEL-HEART-TOUR-_a541.html
  3. It's not happening. She is even having trouble doing one night in the US (no stadiums). Australia have proved to be a flop, etc. I can't believe we're in a world where a Taylor tour will probably outgross M's tour. But It is what it is, sadly.
  4. When will she ever learn?.. my God. She is not dumb, she knows exactly what she's doing. Stop feeding the trolls and haters, M
  5. M continues with the ****ing lame-ass with those girls. Meanwhile as usual they keep paying dust to M (let me guess TS ignored her insta post?).. Ridiculous!
  6. The lack of hits is definitely a huge factor too. 4 minutes is one of her biggest global smash. Give it 2 Me was a hit in Europe. MDNA Tour at least had the Superbowl. I agree, she needs a BIG performance at VMA's. I hope those dates have been rescheduled for a good reason.
  7. U2 still slaying. And they aren't cheap. 1 U2 The Forum Inglewood, Calif. May 26-June 3 $9,886,540 83,505/83,505 5/5 I don't like that Guy is putting Madonna to compete with them.
  8. it's just a small percentage of tickets that go on sale with each presale?
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