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  1. Yes!!! Thanks for saying that. I already posted about it two weeks ago here. Annoying as hell... "Medellin" and "I Rise" were fine for me. But "Crave" was low quality (192 kbps instead of 320, it is 2019!) and the "Future" file was corrupted like you said. I emailed the Official Store and got the very stupid response: I don't think she even understood the issue! Would be great if you, and anyone else that experienced this, can email them as well. Hopefully, they'll take it more seriously...
  2. As I said before, so far I only purchased the digital Deluxe album from the Official US Store (will purchase all physical formats closer to release). Earlier today I got an email from the store that "Crave" is available to download. To my surprise, upon downloading it I noticed that it's in lower quality bitrate (192 kbps) whereas both "Medellin" and "I Rise" were in high quality (320 kbps), as generally offered on purchased music downloads. Anyone else noticed that? I contacted the store, hope this gets fixed soon.
  3. I'm a bit lost as well... How many Official Madonna Stores are there? So far I only noticed two: US (https://shop.madonna.com) and UK (https://shopuk.madonna.com). Are there any more official stores for other regions? Anyone who bought a physical copy of any edition from the UK store - did the purchase come with a digital download of the single or is that exclusive to the US store? Help would be appreciated!!
  4. Pretty sure it is "All the biters have to go, standing in the front row"...
  5. Hi everyone, I hope it's okay to post this here, apologies if I'm breaking any forum rules... I'm looking to purchase a redemption code of the Super Deluxe Edition of Rebel Heart that is being offered by Ticketmaster along with US tour dates tickets. I've already ordered the physical Super Deluxe Edition but the delivery should take around 21 (!) days. I just want a legal digital version to listen to until then. Is there anyone here who would like to sell their redemption code? I'd be happy to pay for it via PayPal. Please PM me. Many thanks
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