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  1. Why are you such a Downer to everyone ? Its fucking annoying.....Everything you post is negative, WTF !
  2. Why are y guys constantly discussing Touring? Wasnt there a topic related to that ?
  3. I see a full body cover with bright colors and a sunny background. I could be wromg and its the total opposite but I sence a Ray of light across her face?cover
  4. Yess , I agree completely with your vision. She had the choice to stay with Warner's. But maybe the money and the freedom won, I dont know. I do agree that after Waner's things changed and not always for the better. I try to be a realist and allthough i liked a lot from the past era's under Interscope and the albums who came out of it, deep down the little boy inside me longs for the excitement that Confessions etc brought me.....But my guts tell me know it can happen again, because we know nothing at this point and the momentum is there , I can feel it....
  5. why you go revisit the past constantly and give negative vibrations ? I dont understand ....
  6. yess it belongs in my top 5 album covers. so artistic and just great. !
  7. I am really positive she will give us the first single in august. What better promo do we need.
  8. Yess , we need this ...let it juicing ....
  9. yess , forget about if what and if how. Lets enjoy the Now and about whats to come.
  10. 2 months before M's B"day. I really feel there is some good coming our way really soon, and it will all be worth it . We will be soo spoiled and happy that we can only laugh about this bickering and endless discussions about who is the better one . I did'nt mind the assholes who got flushed. They will try to crawl back , but ohh boy, that will be one cold day in hell for them
  11. Cool. Thanx . Yeah, waiting is a bitch .
  12. I have an issue with the so called fans who turned out of the woods all of a sudden the last couple of weeks and the ones complain and plant negative energy on this forum. I am happy that those are taken out of they're misery. We need positivism more here because I sence soo much hate and crazyness lately.
  13. Kim, I know it sucks. I hate waiting too, but I have joined this forum because of its professionalism, in contrast to other so called M fan sites. Lets keep the shit outside and flush those, but keep a clear head.
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