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  1. And I think it’s tragic for anyone under 40 across the globe that the next US election is a vote between Biden and Trump. And tragic for anyone over 40 that hoped for a more progressive space by 2024.
  2. Respectfully, I didn’t say the democrats weren’t! Im Australian so have only been looking from the outside in (for a very long time). I also have quite a lot to say about how politics are run in Australia as well as many European parliaments. I would personally classify Democrats as a Conservative Party. Have always found it very odd that progressive policies are used against them by Republicans when that’s the last thing they represent. Yes, I very much will say that the Republican Party openly flirts with fascism and has done so increasingly for a couple of decades now. Party before people. Mitch McConnell is a (somewhat) living example. Sadly the Democrats have relied on being the lesser of two evils for too long. And to be quite frank, the bigger issue that Americans are faced with is that they seemingly only have two choices to vote for if they want to vote at all. Yet the establishment stills screams about the benefit of a two party system. Thats the insanity for me. How can only two parties benefit 300+ million people? Anyhow, I don’t mean to insult the American posters here.
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