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  1. The key to success when marrying into the Royal Family is to play the game and to never forget that you are NOT the star of the show. Kate understands this. In her marriage to William HE is the star. She's obviously quite happy to be a dutiful wife,to look glamorous when necessary and to give birth to the required royal offspring and in return she now gets to live the life of a Princess in the lap of luxury for the rest of her life. Meghan on the other hand,obviously believes that SHE is the star of her marriage and her ego has obviously gotten in the way. She really should've payed more attention to history and read up about another American divorcee who married into that family. Wallis Simpson too found herself criticised by the press and unwelcome at Royal functions and spent the rest of her life paying for it.
  2. She led a long and dutiful life. It blows my mind when I think of all the major historical and cultural figures she met throughout her 70 year reign. Can you imagine the stories she must've had? Whilst I do think a monarchy is an outdated institution in the 21st century,Elizabeth served her country well. Never complained and never explained,just got on with her duty. For that I think she deserves some respect.
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