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  1. Oh my Soltera is a bop!!! I love the production! It would be a bigger hit than Medellin and better choice for Eurovision than Future, yes it sounds mainstream but general audience are going to love it!!! She sounds like she was having so much fun in the studio 😊

    22 minutes ago, Ven Conmigo said:

    Nice bop to shake my mussy to during the weekend. 

    I'm shakin my ass in the gym now! All the solteras put your hands up! Lol

  2. We should stop correcting other people's opinions

    8 minutes ago, smirnoff_ice said:

    I can’t believe it’s almost caught up. When I voted it was 28% to 72% well done! 👍🏼

    We can do this! RT on social media! Crave deserves it!

    That face!!! MDNA Skin untraditional promo

    I still believe she's going to perform a part of it 😄@karbatal


    4 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    what time is M on the press conference

    Is there a rumor about it or? I didn't know she'll be on the press conference. After all songs have been performed (probably after that), she is expected to give an interview in the VIP Green Room

  4. Let everyone express their opinios, we don't have to agree with everyone, we used to make fun of MTribe members how sensetive they were

    So the Future, what a surprise!!! I'm surprised by her singing in the chorus, Quavo fits very well, I'm interested how she's going to sing the verses live😄 much stronger than Crave, production-wise and everything else. I think Future would draw more auidences too

  5. 10 minutes ago, RayOfLight5 said:

    Im really curious why she denied signing it till very last. 

    Maybe she wanted to meet them in person and discuss the options? She's focusing on rehearsals now, there's always a time for damn paperwork😄

    4 minutes ago, Nonoka said:

    Seriously, what a MESS (but I‘m living for it :dramatic:) Can you imagine the drama that was going on backstage when M was denied entry??!

    On another note, in her latest IG pic of the rehearsals she has her grills on...do we think she‘s going to unleash them on us again? :sneaky:

    They better treat her like a queen 😄


  6. 9 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    I prefer the Jeanne of arc themed outfit.. we'll see 🙂

    After ESC I don't wanna see her doing JOA theme anymore 😄


    5 minutes ago, Danmacevents said:

    The ray of light image on her Instagram. Do we think she's just playing. 

    Maybe she's using ROL video clips for the video intro/backdrop 🤔🤩

  7. 1 minute ago, Msig said:

    It's rumoured that one of the other interval acts in the final will feature a snippet of "Im nin'alu" 🤓

    Netta or Dana?! 🤔

    I'm down with everything, I just want to see her on that stage, break some ratings mama


    Google translate

    The private plane of the philanthropist Mr. Sylvan Adams landed in Israel last night, and with him the singer Madonna. Along with her, a delegation of 135 people also arrived, including 40 members of a choir headed by rapper Quabo, 25 dancers and dozens of professionals who are in charge of choreography, stage, lighting and video art.

    Some of the preparations for the arrival of Madonna include the shipment of a special cargo plane weighing about 30 tons, which made its way through three stations: the United States, London and Germany Some of the equipment that arrived in the cargo plane includes 70 steps and a special elevator that will be built in the Eurovision stage, Lighting, sound, holograms and backline equipment.
    In addition to the cargo plane, a charter flight of more than 100 crew members will arrive in Israel in parallel to the landing of Sylvan Adams' plane with Madonna.


    The original source

    8 minutes ago, Bat-Fan said:


    My fav this year😄

  9. 19 minutes ago, Magrat said:

    I'm really excited for the final, now that Madonna is basically confirmed. Though she should perform Medellin, because Crave does not have the hit potential that Medellin has. Hopefully Maluma will fly to Telaviv too.

    And I'm afraid Kate Miller-Heidke will steal the spotlight from our Queen and become the queen of Eurovision that night. Everyone is talking about her performance from yesterdays semi final. Her song sucks. But wow... that was breathtaking to look at.

    Whaaaa... Kate...whooo? 😂 Kate is a contestant on ESC, Madonna is best selling female artist of all time and queen of pop.


    Mama is serving some Joan of Arc vibes

  10. https://www.jpost.com/J-Spot/Madonna-lands-in-Israel-589705

    Madonna landed in Israel late Tuesday night, purportedly to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night.

    While the pop star arrived from London on the private jet of Sylvan Adams, she has yet to sign a contract to appear at the Eurovision in Tel Aviv in just four days.

    On Monday, Eurovision executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand told media that without a contract, she simply will not be able to perform at the competition. But that doesn't appear to have stopped the singer from arriving in the country.

  11. 18 minutes ago, elijah said:

    Exactly. I think its a PR. Her PR is great this era. In this way there would be huge speculation IF she will indeed perform which would generate more press. No way she is flying that many people to Israel without a contract.

    Her new PR is not that great, she's using IG to defend herself lately and they do nothing... Rosenberg was always there to adress every damn rumor or something else. But that's a completely another topic, let's move on.

    Stats from Eurovision 2016 when JT performed:

    The Eurovision Song Contest final and two semi-finals were watched by 204 million viewers in 42 countries, beating 2015's figures by five million. Online, the semis and final were live streamed 2.6 million times in 196 territories on Eurovision.tv and YouTube, and there were 5.3 million on-demand requests. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-36369371


    BTW Quavo landed in London today!😃

    Madonna's quote is in every media!!!

    @JayMac This Saturday, May 18, 9 pm CET


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