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  1. I know how it feels to be the talk of the town...

  2. Xaaaaaanaduuuuuuu

    1. svperstar


      There you are... a shooting star...

  3. Hotter than a 2 peckered goat.

  4. Joey

    Sexy as a sexy sexer

    1. Skin


      Thank you Mr. Joey. ;) So are we going to find out where you were hiding for so long? ha

    2. Joey


      just living life...nothing too exciting sadly LOL

  5. Joey

    In the blink of an eye, in the flash of a smile, I remember your smell and youthful beguile

  6. I Never Thought I Would

  7. U really need a profile picture sexyman

  8. Joey

    I want to have sex with ur avatar... He looks sooooooo delish ans cute

  9. Joey

    We need a big pic of u in ur speedo

  10. Joey

    U gonna play inside my love below

  11. Joey

    mmmmmmmm shirtless

  12. I have had Femme Fatale in my car now for about 3 weeks and I just listen to it over and over while driving... IS THAT BAD


  14. DON'T STEAL MINE... BUY YOUR OWN!! I still LOVE the car BTW. I think it's the happiest I have ever been with a vehicle since I started driving! Oh and the triple posting is because you updated your windows IE. I had to roll mine back to the previous version because it kept causing that double posting for me as well.

  15. Joey

    U sure got a purdy mouth

  16. Joey

    Beautiful eyes dear *swoon*

  17. Come on and play inside my love below

  18. Joey

    Ooooh a smiley pic....sooooooo cute

  19. Joey

    Love ya sweets

  20. I'll sit on ur face and use ur dick like a joystick...hope I get a high score =O

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