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  1. Her older vocals were better, but she definitely can sing! She's very unique and versatile
  2. Well I'm 28 years old but i've liked madonna since I was a kid ( 5 years old) Her debut album up until and including erotica album will ALWAYS be her best material in my opinion.
  3. This tour really showed just how amazing of a performer she really was. Absolutely amazing. This tour is tied with Blonde Ambition tour as my fav tours by any female artist ever!
  4. I voted Yokohama. I just love the ponytail she wears. It's so cute and sleek. Plus with all the dancing, it would get very hot so keeping the hair pulled off her face like that just seems alot more practical I thought the curls looked a little stupid at times....too tight!
  5. I love the album cover. she looks gorgeous and very classy. perfect cover for a ballad album
  6. This is awesome! I agree she could have sang this live instead of lipping it. its obvious she would have done great at it. especially with the right practice!
  7. Honestly its a combination of her vocals and the music Early in her career, Madonna's voice wasn't yet fully formed. It was weaker, higher pitched. Altho it was cute. it was her music melodies and rhythms that really made her songs great.She just knew how to add that special touch with her voice. Her music that was released before and up until Erotica album will always be her best in my opinion. She was working with guys who really knew music composition well, and they were studio musicians themselves who could actually play many instruments. Now a days it seems most of the producers she wor
  8. Those are really cool! I always wanted a Madonna t-shirt. Maybe I'll snag one of those!
  9. I love Shep's work with Madonna. I think she seriously needs to work with him again. He's a great producer.
  10. This song is so iconic. I love the album version and the remix from the Immaculate Collection as well!
  11. I hope they never work together. Wiz Khalifa is horrible and doesn't have an ounce of talent.
  12. Hard Candy is a better album than MDNA in my opinion. MDNA is my third LEAST FAVORITE Madonna album. behind Music and American Life
  13. Madonna- Raw Like A Virgin- Popish True Blue- Transitional Like A Prayer- Natural Erotica- Sexual Bedtime Stories- Soft Ray Of Light- Earthy Music- Melancholy American Life- Somber COAD- House (music) Hard Candy-Hip Hop MDNA- Youthful
  14. I am tied between WHOS THAT GIRL and Blond Ambition The energy of WHOS THAT GIRL was AMAZING. she had so much spunk and fire. Her energy and the music took the forfront and i loved that Blond Ambition was a bit overshadowed by controversy. still it was a complete work of amazing performance art! Id want to see both I guess i cant pick just one!
  15. I would like to see another documentary of her. I am not too interested in interviews considering they always do the SAME OLD QUESTIONS. blah blah blah I really like seeing Madonna behind the scenes, as shes recording in the studio, as shes planning her promotions . with her kids, etc I think she should do a whole behind the scenes special for her next album. I would love to see that. I agree promotion for MDNA was pretty bad. Except for the superbowl!!!!!
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