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  1. And let’s not forget that if you have had COVID, you’ve got yourself a pre existing condition now which won’t be covered by health insurances if he and his autocratic staff succeed in taking away Obamacare from American citizens.
    On top of that they are pushing hard to get Aunt Lydia (aka Judge Amy Coney what’s her face) onto the Supreme Court even though three Republican senators have tested positive and time is running short for the confirmation. 
    The postal service is still being sabotaged, he plans on suing his way into the second term by saying absentee ballots are illegitimate (which is why he also needs Aunt Lydia on the bench). 
    He is deflecting from his alleged tax fraud by also pushing this new “miracle cure” which all scientists say does not exist (yet) and despite all of that his approval rating is still in the higher 30s. 

    Such a vile piece of shit and his heinous enablers. Even Bond villains can’t believe this insanity.  

  2. Yeah the Dems need a strong man who says what he thinks and does what he wants, even at the expense of the other side. Be ruthless, cheat, lie, destroy democracy ... oh wait a sec ...

    Having said that, I wouldn’t have pulled the ads myself, because they are still true. You need to reach and mobilize the undecided 14 percent which can still turn the election either way. 
    Let’s see what next week will bring us. 

  3. Most likely he is trying to deflect from the shitshow aka the first debate and the fact that he did not condemn neo nazi groups but actually called for them to help him. On top of that his polls keep dropping in battleground states. 
    It’s sad that people are assuming something heinous a president of the USA would do but here we are. It is what it is. 

  4. I would not put it passed him that he is only pretending to have COVID so that he can later claim “it’s not that bad, the liberal media is lying, go back to work and school, ...”. However, on the other hand if he has it ...

    If Trump and then at some point Pence are knocked out (I don’t wish for anyone to die, even these assholes), and they can’t attend to their jobs, Americans will have President Nancy Pelosi until January 2021. 

  5. All this talk about how Biden is en par with trump and that you don’t really have a choice when it comes to voting blah blah blah is textbook voter’s demoralization. If Democrats wish for 2020 to repeat then that’s what they gotta keep on doing or falling into this trap set out by the right or Russia. 

    As Jazzy wrote: your choice is between a Nazi in the White House or Joe Biden. That should be the end of the discussion and all of these debates etc are pointless. 

  6. I guess the separation between church / religion and state is an alien concept to conservatives. On top of that they don't allow to have any abbortions because it is the state's job to protect life but hey once the baby is there, it's not the state's job to pay for education or healthcare. That is then suddenly personal responsibility. So fucking hypocritical. 

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