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  1. It was important to her to do this so credit to her for taking the time and for caring enough to be an Ambassador. Had there been new music news I think the purpose of her being there would have been lost. Thanks to all who shared. On a completely unrelated note, how am I listed as a 'newbie' with under 10 posts?! Did I miss some kind of site reboot?
  2. My guess is whatever happens it will be the other side of midnight so that it belongs in 2019 and not 2018. Bebe is covering Imagine at midnight in Times Sq, so maybe after that?
  3. Bottle open, snack trolley full, 3D glasses to hand. I'm ready...
  4. ...It would appear its time to pour myself a Bollinger and wait...
  5. Very sad indeed. There is still so far to go in the move towards peace and harmony and equality. Thoughts with all those affected wherever they may be.
  6. Fantastic track that is too often criminally overlooked. Loved it just as much now as the day it came out. When a Madonna 'Greatest Hits' includes hits like this, it'll be a step closer to being a definitive 'hits' collection.
  7. blossom


    That summer was crazily amazing. As already said, the powerhouse classics 'Like A Virgin' and 'Material Girl' were still being played everywhere, and in the space of six months we had 'Crazy For You' narrowly miss out on #1, quickly followed by 'Into The Groove' which had total chart domination for an entire month just as 'Crazy For You' started to slip, then 'Holiday' charged right back up to #2 (Madonna at this point has 3 songs in a top 20 including the #2 and #1 spot, in a chart that is FULL of massive songs that even today are recognised as classics), and then on the back of these comes a
  8. 'Angel' is one of those tracks that has always been overshadowed; and to be fair, in the company of 'Like A Virgin'; 'Into The Groove'; 'Crazy For You' and 'Material Girl' it's bound to be, but it's a great song, and I really hope it one day takes it's rightful place on a Madonna Hits collection. Mark Morriss' album is good, and he's playing at my local pub in November, so am looking forward to hearing this live.
  9. Both performances were amazing. I can't quite believe we've had 3 big performances of 'Living For Love' and each with a different mix and choreography. That performance of 'Ghosttown' was just stunning.
  10. It's a wonderful piece all round - an exquisitely observed narrative on the experience of being at British music's big awards bash 20 years ago and today. She is on point throughout. I miss EBTG.
  11. Sonically 'Iconic' is exceptional ... so much going on in the production and multi-layered melodies and sounds. A quite amazing achievement all round.
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