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  1. 2 minutes ago, drunkbysix said:

    These new members are so obsessed with charts and publicity and status. Get a load of the hot 100 now, crappy songs that don’t even come close to half of rebel heart.

    madonna will be FINE

    After 40 years in the industry I'd be fine if the song didn't chart. RH didn't do well and it's easily in my Top 3 albums. As long as the music is great I'll be happy. Give it 20 years and people will be saying how underrated her later albums were.

  2. Both covers are great but I prefer the blonde hair one. I think that's the deluxe one?

    Can't wait for the track. I loved RH and I've been listening to a bit of Reggaeton lately so the "reviews" from people hearing the 30 second clip sound promising. LIB '19 !! There is a significant buzz about this project from non-fans so I really hope we are on the verge of another Hung Up and the music is great. Simply because I think people need to hear her voice again.

  3. I might be wrong but I'm thinking every song has a character/theme/video and potentially they will all link into a "movie"? Maybe for Netflix?

    Every character will be Madame "..."  aka Madame "X" ?

    I'm sure others might've come to that conclusion also.

    I definitely think the track will be big in Latin America and therefore that buzz might translate into worldwide attention? It looks like she's targeting Latin America/Europe with this project which I think are still big markets for her as opposed to the US? Regardless of charts and sales I will be happy with a new album/era.

  4. The fact that they are commenting on her collaborating with younger artists isn't a big deal, it's the tone and language that makes it negative. This could've been a positive article - Madonna, a legend, still releasing new music and evolving after so many years collaborating with younger stars who now command attention like she did in her peak. I don't see anything wrong with that. In fact it could be presented as exciting. The article crosses the line because she is referred to as calculated and a manipulator and any compliments are backhanded. As @Jazzy Jan said it is something that seems to be typical for Madonna articles. She is always held to a different standard to others. People defend MJ for being a pedophile but Madonna tells a story about Aretha Franklin and she's ripped to shreds. I can't comprehend the hypocrisy.

  5. Can we all just agree that the rest of the world does not give a fuck about the US anymore. The Trump presidency, the gun laws, the healthcare, the border wall, climate action, every single story that comes out of the US is a joke. A reality star president who has turned the country into a reality show soap opera. For now the US is on par with third world countries like North Korea. Most of us can only hope this idiocy doesn't spread further.

  6. 10 hours ago, side_streets said:

    Anitta's reminds me a lot of some Serbian turbo folk performers. No wonder you're having meltdowns. Anyway we're not sure what kind of collaboration Madonna and that Anitta girl had, so we need to calm down a little bit. Meanwhile, here is Maya Berovic, Serbian Anitta. 😂😂😂 


    Most of her songs are shit but this one is good!😂

    One day my dream will come true and we'll have a Lepa Brena and Madonna collaboration. 😄

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