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  1. 8 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Well, the UK can't mock America for Trump now. Voting Boris in a landslide win is appalling. The world is a fucked up scary place.  How can that stupid, racist, idiotic and heartless Buffoon be the overwhelming choice ? The United States, Brazil, Australia and now the UK. Beyond disgusted at how the hard right have taken over. 

    Honestly I'm speechless that this is where we are.

    It is a very clear mandate for Brexit though so I no longer have any sympathy for the UK. They clearly made their choice. Let them crash out with a no deal and they can deal with the consequences. I wonder how long until Ireland and Scotland seek independence.

  2. 1 minute ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    + 1 

    He basically can do what he wants. I even know some Australians who love him and either excuse everything he does or don't care how badly he behaves,  how he is caught out as a compulsive liar over and over or how stupid he is. I will never understand it as I am positive they would despise him in real life.

    Same @Jazzy Jan. He's "real" and "telling it like it is". Basically he gives them an excuse for their ignorance. "PC gone mad" "Need to go back to traditional values" that's what he represents to people. I never realised how many Australians think Fox News is a legitimate news source. Any time I discuss something negative about Trump I always get people quoting Fox News and how the democrats are lying and a bunch of conspiracy theories about them and Obama. They will choose whatever suits their beliefs and anything that goes against them is considered fake news. Blows my mind. They crazy thing is that in Australia they happily accept things like Medicare and minimum wages and workers rights and public holidays but at the same time support Trump who would strip all of those rights from them.

  3. The constant meltdowns about everything became tiring. It also felt like some people were constantly just looking to start arguments or pick a fight.  

    As others have mentioned, there hasn’t been much promo other than the videos either. Everything went so quick and now she’s in the middle of rehearsals for the tour. For some reason the theatre shows don’t excite me as much as her previous tours have. 

  4. 3 hours ago, articunocc said:

    neh, they ripped Miley's new record and Taylor's new song to shreds *on taylor's case for cringy SJW baiting admittedly, that song is atrocious* ... gaga is also read to filth on metacritic on the regular so there's no surprise there...  Ariana and queen B are the true critical darlings, but not everything they release gets 5 star reviews... just *almost* everything

    I said if they had released Madame X specifically. Not their usual crap which is rightly rated poorly. My point being that Madame X is a masterpiece and the bad reviews are because it’s Madonna and not because of the music itself. 


  5. Just now, Ai Papi Si. said:

    Uh, I hope not. That would be really stupid. She's already got it in a nightclub, I think that's all the reference the video needs. 

    No, that’s what I kind of mean. I think people will automatically link it to Pulse because of the disco sound and drag queens but I don’t think her intention is to be that specific about one incident.  

  6. After listening to the album myself I can accept at least some of the criticism from the worst reviews but the overall bad ratings I don't agree with. Yeah some of the lyrics are a bit questionable but Music had "I like to boogie woogie" and that's a fucking track. So to hang your hat on "lyrics" as your reason to give it a bad review, when everything *works* is just unacceptable. This album is god tier Madonna - LAP, Erotica, ROL, COADF now MX.

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