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  1. All these 8 copies will count to the singles chart. Support! UK iTunes #3 Living For Love (Album version) #97 Living Folr Love (Single version) #16 Living For Love (Remixes 1) #18 Living For Love (Remixes 2) Amazon UK #7 Living For Love (Album version) #187 Living Folr Love (Single version) #52 Living For Love (Remixes 1) #72 Living For Love (Remixes 2)
  2. UK iTunes Living For Love (Album Version) - 25.02.2015 - 0.99 Living For Love - Single - 26.02.2015 - 0.99 Living For Love (The Remixes 1) - 22.02.2015 - 1.79 (0.99 each) Living For Love (The Remixes 2) - 22.02.2015 - 1.79 (0.99 each)
  3. It's in your account details http://support.apple.com/us-us/HT202723
  4. yas, It was so clever move from Interscope to charge for 6 tracks back in December so it will be difficult to cancel when you already paid for half of the album. No, don't cancel, support
  5. In December I pre-ordered Deluxe and iTunes charged me just for 6 tracks (in Russia it's 0.28 USD x 6 = 1.68 USD). Then when Standard became available iTunes changed my pre-order to Standard. Now I have canceled Standard, iTunes didn't give me any 1.68 USD back. I pre-oredered Deluxe instead and iTUnes charged me just for 3 new tracks (0.28 USD x 3 = 0.84 USD). So far I have paid 1.68 + 0.84 = 2.52 USD The whole Deluxe album costs 3.39 USD, so I will pay 3.39 - 2.52 = 0.87 USD when other 9 tracks become available I hope it helps
  6. Moka, no When I canceled my Standard pre-order I didn't have to pay for 6 tracks in Deluxe pre-order. iTunes knew that I had already bought them I paid just for 3 new tracks
  7. Moka Here in Russia I was charged for 6 tracks in December. As soon as 3 new tracks are available I will be charged for those 3 new tracks. I canceled the pre-order in"manage pre-order" list, pre-ordered Deluxe again and everything is ok now. I was able to download 3 new tracks as part of pre-order
  8. Did you check Rebel Heart Deluxe on Madonna iTunes page? May be they are there?
  9. well I canceled Rebel Heart Standard in "Manage pre-order" list and pre-ordered Rebel Heart Deluxe once again. 3 new track started to downoad automatically . Waiting for #1 in Russia so if you have this issue check Rebel Heart deluxe on Madonna page
  10. 3 new tracks ICONIC, Hold Tight, Joan of Arc are available in Russia now. But only inside DELUXE edition. And it shows that I pre-ordered only STANDARD but actually I pre-ordered DELUXE. It seems they have changed. So the downloads don't start automatically. I have to buy all 3 singles individually on DELUXE. Mess
  11. There is already tuesday in Taiwan, Singapure, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand,... where 3 songs are available
  12. You'll get 3 new song as soon as it's TUESDAY in your country
  13. #3 Tom Jones 20:26 EST #4 Miranda Lambert 20:37 EST #5 Kanye West 20:50 EST #6 Madonna 20:55 EST
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