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  1. If this is how they are with each other, just imagine the next two years legislating with Democrats. This whole thing is definitely a foreshadowing of the gridlock to come. The "Freedom Caucus" is going to make doing anything virtually impossible. To think, this is all over personal vendettas too, McCarthy is every bit as "MAGA" as the "Freedom Caucus" that's trying to keep him down.....but somewhere down the line, he pissed them off so this is their "revenge". Their whole agenda (once they finally pick a Speaker) is all about revenge.....investigations into COVID/Fauci, the Bidens, the 1/6 Committee.....any of their perceived "enemies" of the last few years will be investigated.....and of course they will try to impeach Biden as revenge for Dems impeaching Trump twice. They clearly aren't hearing the message voters sent in the midterms.

  2. 4 hours ago, runa said:

    And I'm one of those who would never buy a Tesla, just because it has something to do with Elon Musk - a disgusting and vile human being. 

    Same! I could care less how great his product is. NEVER EVER will I put a dime in the pocket of that vile son of a bitch.

  3. It's such a relief to see Americans finally saying "enough" to the radicalized right wing bullshit. Obviously, there's such a long ways to go on all fronts but the way I see it, let them keep on with their tirades against the "woke" and their stupid little culture wars, they'll only alienate more and more of those important swing/independent voters. At the end of the day, they offer ZERO solutions to anything. 

    I swear I hope I don't come back and eat my words but I WANT Trump to be the nominee in '24. After '18, '20 and now '22 it's very clear to me that '16 was a fluke for him. He had no political baggage and many people took a chance and said "why not" and went for it. With all that's happened these past 6 yrs and now this, I just don't think he could pull it off (legally). 

    The longer this drags out, the worse it is for them and better it is for us. I do still anticipate they'll take the House and Senate truly is a toss up but even if they take both chambers at this point, the message sent was loud and clear. Hopefully for their own sake, Kevin McCarthy is re-evaluating the original policy platform of "revenge" and is second guessing the endless investigations and impeachments for Biden he had planned. Despite Biden not being the most popular, he clearly has done SOMETHING right and I don't think most Americans outside of that right wing extreme subset are going to be here for all of that unnecessary chaos. 

    I'm really hoping Lauren Boebert of CO gets voted out. Not only would it be helpful to the Dems for retaining the House but it would send an even louder msg to these fuckers. She's in the Marjorie Taylor Greene camp.....against LGBTQ, heckling Biden during his State of The Union, obviously perpetuating the election lie.....just a down and dirty vile CUNT so to see her defeated in a very Republican district would be glorious. Same thing with that CUNT gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in AZ. She's already peddling election conspiracies and lies since she's losing......obviously if she gains momentum again I'm sure that will all change. Blake Masters is another one that's particularly vile and it does look like his Dem opponent Mark Kelly has a pretty substantial lead. All of these are "MAGA Republicans" so to see any of them defeated will be wonderful!!

  4. 1 hour ago, Kim said:

    Thought this would get a mention in the US politics thread but the drip-drip of fascicm in the US doesn't seem to get as much traction since Trump left office.

    Sadly, I think this type of thing is becoming normalized and expected......even justified by some (prob not so much in this forum but generally speaking....def have read some "well, she had it coming..." type commentary). It's disgusting.

    I was surprised that nothing regarding the 1/6 hearings was discussed here. There were so many shocking revelations. The indifference to blatant fascism and radical extremism is incredibly frightening and not something I thought I'd ever see in my lifetime. 

  5. Just $4 million? Not enough for what he's put those families through. I don't think you can put monetary value on it but after they asked for $150 million, seems like somewhat of a slap in the face to the families. 

    This man calls himself a "performance artist". So, even though he knows what he says isn't true, even though he knows his supporters lap it up and will harass these families, he as recently as this week has said Sandy Hook is fake and the families are "actors". He was also at 1/6 insurrection. Really hope he gets investigated and a proper punishment. Enough of is enough of this bullshit.

  6. Anyone else watching 1/6 hearings? They're actually doing an amazing job at connecting the dots, telling the full story. The best part is a lot of the story is being told by Trump allies, cabinet members and judges appointed by Trump. Whether something comes of this of course is another story but the committee certainly is laying out a great case for DOJ. At what point is ignoring the results of the election and perpetuating a lie that it was "solen" from him with ZERO evidence to back it up just flat out willful blindness?? I know the "Q crowd" will never believe this even with all the evidence but I do believe some independent voters may find it revolting. 

    Hearing 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr3z2ObaWQM

    Hearing 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywy1MMWLRug

  7. On 5/23/2022 at 12:19 AM, GOD said:

    what things did he sign under ' executive order'? 

    Oh I wasn't saying he has executive ordered anything at this point. I'm just saying that would be a way to get some things done but with a presumably Republican victory in mid-terms and possibly the '24 presidency and of course the clearly majority conservative Supreme Court we have now, then whatever Biden did via executive action could prob be overturned/reversed somehow. I'm honestly not super familiar with how that whole process works.

  8. 57 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    So frightening.  What so many people are not realizing is how people with these extreme views seek out positions of power to implement them. 

    And that's what's going on right now. It's really unfortunate because being the incumbent party, Dems are pretty complacent right now (as is the norm for a party currently with the majority...which is why the opposing party almost always comes out ahead in midterms), meanwhile the GQP (formerly known as the Republican party) are energized and on a local level, are electing candidates that out Trump Trump himself. Mastriano and Oz in PA are a great reference point for how dangerous and extreme this is becoming. I agree with other sentiments shared in this thread. As scary and heartbreaking as it is, I think that the USA's days as the democracy we knew are numbered. The extremists have already infiltrated to the point where there's no turning back in my opinion. I hope I'm wrong and would love for someone to prove me wrong but.....I don't think so at this time. Too far gone. 😞 

    It's very tempting to say since Dems have power now, just let Biden "executive order" everything that can be but then the GQP would just come in and reverse it in a year, that's not a way to govern. I really don't know what the solution is or if there is one but one thing is for sure and that's the US isn't in a "let's sit down and talk it over" type of mood at the moment.

  9. 8 hours ago, karbatal said:

    Nobody is safe until the working classes WAKE UP! 

    That's the truth! Sadly, during this time of record inflation and sky high gas prices, people are focused on keeping food on their families tables and penny pinching, they don't have time or energy to worry about these things. Meanwhile, human rights and Democracy in general are slowly being chipped away. This is major news of course but the fact that even THIS (and all of the info regarding 1/6) isn't causing a MUCH bigger outrage is telling of where we are. I'm mainly speaking from a US perspective of course. It's come to the point where we're almost completely desensitized to the radical bullshit. By the time they do wake up I think it's going to be too late.....in fact, it may already be too late. Very scary times in this country and around the world.

  10. 6 hours ago, KalamazooJay said:

    For 48 hours it truly felt like a 9/11 type moment. We all were watching the same horrific images on screen and for the first time in a LONG time we were collectively horrified as a nation. 

    Then the Trump propaganda machine kicked into overdrive. And his minions got out there to deflect, blame, and shrug their shoulders. 

    I don’t believe this country is able to come together for anything anymore. If NYC got nuked tomorrow, it’d be politicized within a couple days. If a god damn pandemic and something as simple as wearing  a fucking mask is controversial & political, well, there’s just no hope anymore. 

    This sounds so bleak and helpless, yet it's so very true. 

    I honestly don't know what it will be to finally tip this over the edge, but I feel like it's not in the too terribly distant future. We've been able to withstand a lot as a nation over the past nearly 250 years but this current assault on truth and facts to the degree that it is thanks in large part to social media, is just something I just don't think we'll be able to overcome. It's not that we just disagree on issues, we live in two completely separate realities. 

    Seeing the people throwing hissy fits over masks, saying with a straight face COVID isn't real....or is just a "flu" and how short sighted people seem to be about 1/6 has just been really really disheartening to me. As horrible as it was 2016-2019, 2020 and 2021 have been so eye opening at just how SICK we are as a nation....literally and figuratively. 

  11. I definitely have had my reservations about how much the 1/6 Committee will actually be able to achieve when all is said and done but hearing the AG be so explicit in how far and wide he's willing to take this gives me a glimmer of hope. There must be accountability from the TOP all the way down. 

  12. On 11/9/2021 at 11:02 PM, Jazzy Jan said:

    I will never understand anyone liking Trump. A stupid, ignorant, repulsive excuse for a leader who hugely lied  consistently and just self promoted constantly.  Was so destructive and deliberately offensive and divisive. He tried to destroy democracy and sadly, it may still happen with all the Trumpsters still around and Fox News and co still at his service. 

    I feel like he's just as worshipped as he ever was, it's almost as if his supporters have doubled down in that regard. To them, he's the victim that was robbed off his election win by fraud courtesy of the Democratic party. He's been doing "rallies" for the past year saying as much to everyone that will listen. They strongly believe him too. The Republican party has had many opportunities to completely repudiate him this past year (never mind the past 5 yrs) and have chosen not to. In fact, they perpetuate the lie themselves. It's been repeated over and over and over again for the past year. The damage that causes is immeasurable and the results of which I don't think we've fully seen yet. Truly, there are two completely different versions of reality in the US right now, I don't know how long a society can function that way? 

    Bill Maher really broke it down during a segment on his show recently:


    Less than a decade ago this type of scenario would've sounded insane and as naive as it may sound, almost impossible for something like that to happen here. Now, it feels like we're on an inevitable crash course toward some sort of insane scenario like he goes over in that video. 

  13. Americans are so fucking stupid. I get the frustration with the current administration but the fact that more would actually vote for the GQP aka The Party Formerly Known As The Republicans if an election were held today is repulsive to me tbh. How quickly we forget......less than 1 yr ago, this was the party that promoted and facilitated a domestic terrorist attack with the intent of overthrowing the certification of legal votes. To this day, I don't think a lot of Americans realize the gravity of that and just how close it came to actually happening AND how if we are in a similar situation in the future, there are now people in place that will do just that (overturn the votes that is) without hesitation. I think many people feel like it was just a thing that happened that day and we should just move along because it's over now. I feel like it's only just begun tbh. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Kim said:

    Complacency will be the downfall (and a DOWNFALL it will be) for progressives in the US

    Yep!! 💯 It's so fucking frustrating to see. Here we are (and by we I mean the Dems) with all three major branches of gov't, a small window in time and we're squandering it. Well, certain members of the party in particular are choosing to hold the whole country hostage based on their own personal interests. The negative impacts this selfishness is having is like a domino effect already. To think, one year ago, we pulled in many independents and "swing" voters and as we see by what happened in VA this week, they've gone bye bye at this point......and I don't blame them a bit. We have one year at this point before Republicans will inevitably take over the House again and I'm betting one year from now, this same conversation where NOTHING has happened will be ongoing. I'd never vote Republican (at least not in their current incarnation....or ANY incarnation I've seen in my lifetime) but this is the type of shit that just makes me not want to vote at all. If we can't do any better than this when we hold the vast majority, then it's helpless and I may just sit out next go round. 

  15. 2 hours ago, KalamazooJay said:

    It's rich listening to Republicans criticize this mess when they were the biggest cheerleaders of nation building and planting democracies wherever they saw fit. It was never about implementing democracy anywhere. It was always about money, greed, and power. 

    Now all the chickens are coming home to roost over in Afghanistan and they're clutching their pearls. It's disgraceful.

    20 years, countless lives lost trillions of dollars spent. And absolutely nothing over this is better off than it was in 2001. An epic tragedy.   

    And many could see this inevitable conclusion 20 years ago. Unless we stay forever, this was always going to be the outcome. The conflict NEVER ends in the middle east, we were just a complication in the middle of it all. The US needs to stay out of everyone's damn business.......we are BARELY keeping our own Democracy together, time to focus on THAT.

    My heart hurts for the poor Afghani people though during this time. Like you said, it's heartbreaking to think back at all the lives lost over the past 20 years, including the American soldiers. Not to sound cold but it just all seems so pointless and avoidable.

  16. On 1/21/2021 at 8:53 PM, mtzlplk said:


    I prefer Newsmax... Those Evil Dems... Hypocrites, now asking for unity when they themselves didn't give Trump a chance since November 2016 til the very end. 


    Trump never gave anyone a chance to give him a chance. He hit the ground running with his lies, crimes and bullshit from day one. To put it as kindly as possible, let's just say he never "grew into" his POTUS title. THAT is putting it mildly. 

    Newsmax, Fox and the rest of his "cult" can suckle his baby dick all they want......doesn't matter, this man will ABSOLUTELY go down as the worst president this country has ever seen. He started as an inexperienced goofball and ended it as a main instigator for a domestic terror attack with the intent to prevent the certification of our election. Now, just need for Senate to come through on the upcoming impeachment trials. This country needs an "insurance policy" of sorts that this vile prick can NEVER run for office again.

    Then of course there are the dozens of OTHER lawsuits that have been waiting in the wings for him as soon as he was out of office. So, he'll be a busy man in his post POTUS life. Hopefully we'll see plenty of humiliations, bankruptcies or even jail time for him in the upcoming months/years. 

  17. 3 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Sorry about that Kurt 😥 it is awful to see people change like that. It is the same with once intelligent, lovely and principled people I know who are now full blown conspiracy theorists who now support Trump totally.  It is like being in a scary alternative universe. You expect Trump devotion from some but when it is people you once thought a lot of,  to hear their crazy reasoning for supporting a man that you know they once would have been repulsed by is horrible and baffling. 

    Thank you Jazzy! Likewise to you! Like you say, it is horrible to see those you care for that were once "normal" become completely brainwashed and live in an alternate reality. I find it baffling that even you, experience this and you're basically a world away from me. How one earth do Aussies get on board with this? Seems to be such the antithesis of the great things I hear about Oz. Not suggesting that it's reflection of the majority of the people there but still, just bizarre that Trump's cult-like pull really does span across the world.

    I try to be an optimistic person for the most part but I just don't know where we go from here. How do you convince practically half of the country that an election they STRONGLY feel was stolen, was completely legit? If 60+ state court cases thrown out (many by Trump appointed judges), Attorney General, head of Cyber Securities and 2 Supreme Court rejections don't convince them, then I don't think anything can. 

    I'm very happy Joe/Kamala are going to be at the helm in less than a week now but I absolutely do NOT envy them in any way. They have a long, hard, dare I say almost impossible task ahead of them.

  18. 1 hour ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    American members - do you feel that those in the USA who supported Trump previously are finally getting the message of how destructive and dangerous he is ?  Or are they excusing him again and trying to shift the blame   ? 

    I feel like the ones that switched from Trump to Biden in 2020 get it. From what I see though, the ones that supported him in 2020, even despite the Capitol attack still support him. His most ardent of supporters seem to have doubled down and love him more than ever. The more I see and read, it seems they TRULY believe he's some sort of savior sent to start a revolution. It's utterly terrifying to me. 

    With that said, I personally do not know many Trump supporters.....the ones I do know, I've distanced myself from these past few months especially. I will say, I talked to a friend of mine the night the election was called, a long time friend of nearly 20 yrs and it's like a different person now. It's so very sad and disturbing to me. This is a person that voted for Obama both times and even prior to that was always a very sensible person. She has totally drank the Kool Aid now though.....an aunt of mine is the same way. Completely unrecognizable from the woman she used to be.


  19. 4 hours ago, whyme? said:

    I think the events at the Capitol spoke for themselves. There's no need to ban or impeach because then it becomes about banning, censoring, etc... and the right will twist the fuck out of it.


    The "right" is already twisting this and saying it was Antifa that infiltrated the "peaceful" protest and did this. Never mind the fact that Trumpers have been openly planning and bragging about a "big event" on 1/6 for at least the past month (well, since at least Good Harbor Day back in Dec....maybe even before that). They ARE twisted so of course they will twist anything and everything to deflect blame from themselves. Had there been no deaths, make no mistake, they would be BRAGGING about this.....and some still are.

    There absolutely MUST be consequences for this. As lovely as it is to think we only have 10 days left of having this TERRORIST in the White House and then we can just inaugurate Biden and move onward and upward, this is too serious for that. This can't be forgotten or swept under the rug like ALL of their other crimes these past 4 yrs. The President Of The United States encouraged and emboldened a TERRORIST ATTACK at THE CAPITOL in order to stop the certification of a LEGITIMATE, CLEAN election. If there is ZERO accountability for this, the NEXT insane fucker that comes along is going to have it A LOT easier and God knows what could happen. A message HAS to be sent that this will not stand. Banning him from social media platforms is great and all but we need legal consequences as well. If he's impeached, he can never run for office again. That alone makes that option worth it to me, even if the impeachment process doesn't end until after Biden is already in office. Once he's impeached, he and his vile family and the vile Retrumplican enablers need to have legal action taken against them. Someone needs to go to jail.

    And in regard to these terrorist Retrumplican pussies saying their "rights" are being infringed upon because of social media platforms banning, these are companies, businesses.....they can do whatever they fuck they want. Just like if someone steps into a locally owned restaurant and starts screaming a bunch of toxic rhetoric and the owner bans them from coming back, that's the right of the business owner. Trump and the rest of his fucked up little gang can stand on a street corner, create their own platform etc to spew their lies, there's no law stopping them from doing that so they really they can "stand back" and shut the fuck up with this whining about "my rights, my rights, my freedom of speech".

  20. 13 hours ago, ctg12 said:

    Not only that, but where is democratic leadership these days? Why aren’t they putting up a bigger fight and being more vocal about all these ridiculous claims?

    I heard someone recently say something along the lines of “Democrats are sitting by quietly and calmly in a burning building.”  And that’s what it feels like to me, too. We have one party that will stop at nothing to illicitly remain in power while the other party has been so passive, ineffectual, and weak throughout most of this Trump nightmare. 

    I do get this argument and it is soooooooo frustrating to witness this and have basically nobody speak up. What are they to do though really? If they raise a stink then they will be portrayed as the crazy ones. The right LOVES to do that with any little amount of "noise" the left makes. Idk.....I do think in the long run, the approach Biden is taking is going to be the perfect antidote to the insanity of the last four yrs. He's acting like a PRESIDENT should act and for the most part is basically ignoring this little theater piece the right is putting on and starting to tackle and discuss the REAL issues that are plaguing us at the moment, number one being this massive spike in COVID. It's unbelievable that this far into the pandemic we are probably within the next couple months going to reach our "peak". 

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