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M at the Valentino party at the Boom Boom Room

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Madge even convinced Valentino to dance to Jesus Luz's house music. #madonna

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At the Valentino party downtown, Madonna's dancing in a man sandwich. #madonna

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Inside the Valentino party at the Standard in N.Y.: slight commotion over Madge changing booths. #madonna

28 minutes ago from web

Valentino Party at the Boom Boom Room is Insane! Marc Jacobs, DVF, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Thakoon & Madonna

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Omg I just saw Madonna at the Valentino party. She looks AMAZING.

42 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

http://twitpic.com/o7ok8 Can you see Madonna here. Not easy too many bidy guards protecting her.25 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

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I like her pants and that new purse looks quite interesting. Her gay husband, Klein, dressed rather badly here.

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Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti have a unique ability to capture and sustain the attention of a very glittering crowd. So much so that on Tuesday night, Hugh Jackman, Adrien Brody, Brian Grazer, Stephen Daldry, Martha Stewart, Marc Jacobs, Thakoon Panichgul, and Diane von Furstenberg packed into the Standard Hotel’s 18th floor for the designer’s umpteenth party celebrating his documentary “The Last Emperor,” which premiered in New York eight months ago. Of course, Valentino insisted the affair was just a chance to be with friends (at least those who are used to step-and-repeats and events sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, HSBC bank and Maestro Dobel tequila).

He remained the center of attention until just after 11 pm, when Madonna arrived. After saying hello to her beau Jesus Luz, who was deejaying, the pop star and Steven Klein swooped into a VIP booth. Then—as happens every time her Madgesty attends a fashion event—the men in attendance circled around and stared at her, while the women gossiped about her looks. When she hit the dance floor, bumping and grinding with Bravo’s Andy Cohen, everyone followed suit, including Valentino.


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