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S&S Tour: The stage, costumes, rehearsals, pictures

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I LOVE the way she looks. she is hotter than ever

sad to know about HN with Britney and a guitar :nocomment:

i want MORE information about Borderline, Vogue and final section

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I can't believe there are still no pictures from the other segments! and i don't want any kind of pictures, i want HQ ones!!!!!!!!!!!! :americanlife::lol:

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Photos of the Old School segment:




i never in a million years would have ever thought the would do something Keith Haring inspiried again

i love this woman

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Best outfit from the tour

she's HOT HOT HOT on this pic

can't believe she's 50!!! on this pic she looks 25!

that dancer is hot too! :horny: ... he's new right? Never seen him before these tour opening pics.

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