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  1. Heartbreak City demo and final all the time ... I'm so dramatic
  2. Me too, love it from first listen still loving it so much, it deserved a place in the album!!
  3. I will move to NYC right fir the launch of Rebel Heart, love to live promotion from the American side for the very first time, and for the next tour, first American concerts!!
  4. BEAUTIFUL SCARS IS AH MAH ziiiing it feels like in Ibiza's chill out... Very Cafe del marish love soo much the evolution of the trac, always happy when i hrar it beginning!!!
  5. Picked up my crown, put it back on my head I can forgive, but I will never forget
  6. For the time being i only see leak talk in madonna forums, it is YET not going global and viral as first leakmessweeks ago... God can this be released and we can relax about the bloody leaks!!
  7. Heartbreak City MUST be in the album, best melancholic ballad ever
  8. Heartbreak City is just the best song ever, makes me so emotional. I'm on a loop with tragic girl, Joan of Arc an Heartbreak City. I admit i could not be strong enough and i've heard them, made me wanna have the final versions even more
  9. Huge choir very solemne very dark and starts with Heartbreak City then everything turns bright and explodes with Living for love... That could be just EPIC ICONIC! Both sides of the story... A guy can always dream
  10. Honestly i am not against leaking early demos, but not before an official release.We've all enjoyed the ROL demos years after, and did not spoil the moment. Having them now is nonsense, i am not against people listening them but i think it is just a mess to leak them now.
  11. My bets go for an unreleased song for 2nd single, i would think it is more logical... I see Rebel heart as a second single, however 13 more songs comming and i only heard Rebel Heart and WAOM
  12. I've got same question about the leajs, after the full release will it be ok then? And are theyvery different? Musicwise? Vocally?
  13. I definitely can wait to hear the music, i'm more eager about knowing dates, that is what i find mean... An estimated release date is on the table for months now, then just do a little announcement to keep us waiting woman!
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