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  1. acko

    U'll always b my boy. Now go 2 ur room.

  2. Mats

    2morrow at noon I'll be a grown up! bye bye daddy bye bye

    1. realityisalways


      Hehehe yeah I made a thread on that on Atrl yesterday <3 It's an andy warhol reference, he has a video like that eating a burger

    2. Mats


      I know that reference now that you mention it but didn't make the connection to the pizza video. I actually believe that the burger video with Warhol was shot by Jørgen Leth!

    3. Mats


      who made several videos of famous people eating things and doing stuff

  3. Mi corazon Matsie, r u a fan of Babettes gæstebud?

    1. Mats


      I have never seen it :-( it won an Oscar, didn't it? must be worth something then!

  4. acko

    Hey Matsieeeeee you say u wanna lose control...

    1. Mats


      it must be the Hendrick's, I'm about to go astray

  5. I've booked Alexander Skarsgard to come pick you up at the airport, carry your bags and give you a good time in Stockholm http://www.nerve.com/files/AlexSkarsgardElle-Wallpaper.jpg xoxo

    1. karbatal


      You're the best! Tell him to be gentle with me, hahaha.

  6. oh wait, she didn't do that after all, did she?
  7. Miles Away-style video for a Love Spent release?
  8. I'm sure they film several of the shows imagine that opening with silent rain!
  9. I'm already wetting my pants over the Blu-ray
  10. I don't doubt that she can, Denmark is so small it's no problem to get there but it's a dead place, there's nothing to do before or after the show and if it ends too late and you came by train... well you're fucked. at least in Horsens I could stay at my mum's place. here's hoping! (or Malmø)
  11. well that is good to know! only one problem remains then: it's in Herning
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