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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Exactly... Everytime she is travelling long hours, she is looking tired and puffed up.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Indeed, what she's doing with MDNA Skin is exaggerated and boring... But it will finish one day!
  3. Your top 5 favorite Madonna movies?

    1. Evita 2. Dick Tracy 3. Dangerous Game 4. Body Of Evidence 5. Desperately Seeking Susan
  4. What do you think of Gloria Estefan?

    My favourite artist after Madonna!
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Miley will do the same at 60 yo!
  6. My favorite album, my favorite era, the time when I discovered this incredible woman and became a fan.
  7. Your favorite transition in her albums?

    Dear Jessie / Oh Father Hung Up / Get Together / Sorry Spotlight / Holiday
  8. Madonna and authentic folklore music from Romania, Maria Tanase... What more can I ask?
  9. Madonna RARE

    I've always wondered why there are just a few pics during Girlie Show Tour, off-stage or candid ones, unlike her other tours!
  10. If you could turn back time

    Erotica/Girlie Show era... when I became a fan!
  11. This Look kills me everytime

    http://static.celebuzz.com/uploads/2014/01/29/74655460.jpg I've always wondered what happened with that mark near her mouth (not the mole) which was way visible during 85-86 ❓
  12. Songs You Would Like Madonna To Cover.

    Carpenters - Close To You (she already covered one of their songs during the making of Evita) George Michael - I Want Your Sex Gloria Estefan - Party Time Barbra Streisand - Run Wild Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music Steve Winwood - Higher Love Katy Perry - California Gurls
  13. She deleted the first one and she posted this one : ))))