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  1. OMG, 35 people killed by terrorists dressed as Santa Claus :((( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/12/31/istanbul-attack-gunmen-dressed-santa-open-fire-nightclub-turkey/
  2. I think you need help, seriously, if you think that someone who is not jumping on a bandwagon or doesn't like something means that he/she is a hater. Anyway, back to the game, I unfollowed all my friends from Facebook who are posting about this. I mean, play it, it's your right, but don't spam others with printscreens and pictures about it.
  3. My favorite song from Rebel Heart. It would have been such a smash if released years ago. It's my favorite sound of Madonna: a mix between Vogue, Rescue Me and Deeper and Deeper.
  4. so expected by everyone. And we already know the nominations and winnings for 2017: Adele all over.
  5. Candy Shop all the way. For me Body Shop is my least fav track from the album after Bitch. But seeing the performance of Body Shop on this tour, it makes me loving the song a little more.
  6. 3rd single from this album? It's her first single/video of her career to achieve this : )))
  7. The song entered the best radio station from Romania. It's her first song since Celebration who has airplay on Kiss FM. Can u vote here please? http://www.kissfm.ro/digital-top-10 You go to VOTEAZA TOPUL TAU, and you select 3 songs for which you have to vote with 3,2 and 1 otherwise it doesn't work. You can log in with your Facebook. Thanks. I am so happy!
  8. Don't remember exactly but it was one of the most watched videos on Youtube ever.
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