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    Interested in music & movies.. occasionally play Badminton too
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  1. No..Though I love God Control,Maluma and his collaboration with Madge got young people got excited in her album.S o,from a commercial view point,releasing Medellin as the lead was a better move than releasing God Control..But they could've made it the immediate second single though
  2. Now a days,I keep wondering what wil be her next album's sound..She loves reinvention...What if she's gonna do s completely Hip-hop,urban R&B album? I'm so here for that
  3. Must be due to nostalgia and the fact how she shook the world with a dance album when she was turning 46.Others can only wish that kind of longevity and Iconic discography
  4. Madame X is my second most favorite album from her..Confessions will always be at the top though
  5. Such a bop!! I play it all the time in my house.Even my parents love it
  6. Call me delusional, but this is the best disco song of the century!!!
  7. I've finally found the light. God control>>>Sorry.
  8. I'm obsessed with this song today.I didn't like it first when she released.It's a grower & puts you in such a mood
  9. I want another carefree,fun music video like Medellin. I loved God control & Batuka videos.But they don't come close to Medellin's perfection. Happy,carefree Madonna is the best version of Madonna
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