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  1. Yup. I have a sneaking suspicion she will run and announce it soon.
  2. And Hillary had dinner with Bloomberg a few days ago. Strange. Wonder what’s up.
  3. I think we need to start making bets on Hillary running again! I think it’s happening. She’s quietly getting into the picture.
  4. I agree it’s all a mess. There are even very strong rumours Hillary will enter when/if Biden drops out!
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/07/us/politics/michael-bloomberg-president-2020.html mayor Bloomberg enters the race!
  6. I agree with all of this. Bernie will put the US in greater dept.
  7. True in some regard but *she* won the popular vote. Bernie is too old at this point im afraid will be 80 c’mon now. I actually want major Bloomberg to run or somebody completely out there.
  8. Rumours swirling of a late run by Hillary for 2020. At this point i say why not because i do not see Biden or Warren beating Trump. Democrats need a huge name to even have a chance.
  9. Incredible match! I also met him and my arm was injured and he spoke to us for about 20 minutes. Such a humble sweet man ans he’s more handsome in person. Incredible athlete and plays like he is broke. Even when he loses tight 5 setters he signs and talks with fans you don’t even see that with Roger federer when he loses. congrats Rafa! Here is to more slams! Surely he has more in him! 19 wow. 1 behind Federer!
  10. Email me! I rise! 


  11. I guess im the only one that wants Hillary Clinton to run again. My other favorites are Caroline Kennedy and Bloomberg.
  12. I remember those Steffi/Andre remarks they were terribly classless. Sidenote: Steffi’s career and 22 slams are far more impressive to me. She retired at 29. The last 6-7 years womens tennis has declined with the lack of true champions. Nothing against Serena the depth is better these days but the champions are fewer. The top 10 don’t regularly make the latter rounds like the men do.
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