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  1. Physical Attraction Into The Groove (original or remix) Express Yourself Oh Father Rain

    That's the Australian singer Ben Lee - he did a cover of Duran Duran's 'The Reflex' in the late 90's with Kylie so I imagine she recorded this at the same time.
  3. I'm a hardcore collector so all formats from all over the world I have 25+ copies of True Blue (different) on vinyl for example My collection is @madonnaarchive on insta
  4. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    1. Express Yourself 2. Like A Prayer 3. Justify My Love 4. Vogue 5. Rain 6. Borderline 7. Oh Father 8. Bad Girl 9. Hung Up 10. Don't Tell Me
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The delay is only on the Blu Ray and BluRay pack from one retailer - Universal are not aware of any changes to schedule as of yet. ITunes and DVD are still September 15 for Australia and other retailers still advertising 15 September for the BluRay etc
  6. Your Top 10 80's Madonna Songs

    Like A Prayer Express Yourself Into The Groove Borderline Crazy For You Live To Tell Burning Up Where's The Party Like A Virgin Cherish
  7. The concert film will air on free to air television in Australia next week - Monday 1 May 9pm on Channel 9
  8. Your HOLY TRINITY from each tour!

    Virgin: Dress You Up Gambler Over and Over Who's That Girl Lucky Star Live to Tell Into The Groove Blond Ambition Express Yourself Like a Virgin Keep it Together Girlie Show Fever Deeper And Deeper Justify My Love Drowned World Candy Perfume Girl Frozen Secret Reinvention Vogue Nobody Knows Me Crazy For You Confessions Jump Music Inferno Hung Up Sticky and Sweet Into The Groove She's Not Me Give It 2 Me MDNA Gang Bang Give Me All Your Lovin' Vogue Rebel Heart Burning Up Living For Love Candy Shop
  9. MDNA Girl Gone Wild Some Girls / Die Another Day Gang Bang Papa Don't Preach Sorry I Don't Give A Best Friend (Interlude) Express Yourself Gimme All Your Luvin Music Frozen Masterpiece Justify My Love (Interlude) Vogue Physical Attraction Erotica Human Nature Love Spent (Acapella) Hung Up Nothing Really Matters Like A Prayer Give It 2 Me Holiday
  10. I don't troll - just stating facts and offering advice. Erotica was amazing and could have had a 7th single which as you can see from the comments of others in the thread, would have been a better topic instead of the confusion over Bye Bye Baby...
  11. New leak - Love Hurts (Erotica demo)

    Ah yes - it's definitely real which is why I secured permission to post it from the guy who owns it :) And it's an amazing song too
  12. Or how about calling the poll, what should been the sixth worldwide single from Erotica? It would have saved a lot of trouble lol