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  1. This shirt is very poor quality - sizing is bigger than all other USA M shirts and it's very thin with a heavy plastic coated transfer on It - no reference to Boy Toy Inc etc I'm seeking a refund on this one
  2. Awesome work! Is your collection on insta? Mine is @madonnaarchive - let's connect
  3. Madonna Underground is reporting the Rainbow vinyl is cancelled - source: Universal France
  4. Iconic Bitch I'm Madonna Illuminati Best Night Holy Water S.E.X Devil Pray Heartbreak City Living For Love Body Shop Unapologetic Bitch Hold Tight Veni Vini Vici Inside Out Ghosttown Messiah Rebel Heart
  5. The gift is the same all for all dates across the world - it's a numbered hard cover book with pictures from all tours and guitar pics
  6. Same deal - the sample product stickers are just stuck on commercial releases and have no more value - I was in contact with Warner from 1990-2002 hence I know and scored so much stuff back then
  7. Australia rarely produced promos for Madonna - the first cd single that was issued as a promo was Frozen. Before that they issued commercial releases with the sticker which can easily be removed. There was only one promo 12" and that was Rescue Me and there is a promo 7" for Crazy For You and Gambler issued by Geffen. As for the generic sleeves, there's no point in collecting them as it's the same vinyl as the one's with the picture sleeve lol
  8. Also you can make your own generic sleeve if you want - just take the vinyl and buy an alternate 7" by another 80s Warner artist and problem solved
  9. Just to clarify - the Australian singles that were never issued in a picture sleeve were Burning Up, Holiday, Borderline, Lucky Star, Gambler (Geffen) and Oh Father - every other one was issued in a picture sleeve and once the sales were exhausted, they were issued in a generic sleeve. The picture sleeves hold a little more value as Warner issued generic sleeves for any 7" that was selling quickly.
  10. I've done ok so far Brisbane VIP Living For Love - Sat Brisbane Floor platinum 3rd row - Sun Sydney - Elevated platinum lower circle looking over Rebel Heart thing- Sat Melbourne - VIP Living For Love - Sat Just two more shows to get! With London, Paris and Birmingham I'm trying to see the show from different angles too
  11. I've asked about a tour edtion and will hopefully have some news this week
  12. The Kyle and Jackie O twitter deleted that tweet and have now blocked everyone who replied to it and is deleting comments on their facebook about it - hmmmm - we still posted it up on Madonna Australia
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