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  1. Iconic Bitch I'm Madonna Illuminati Best Night Holy Water S.E.X Devil Pray Heartbreak City Living For Love Body Shop Unapologetic Bitch Hold Tight Veni Vini Vici Inside Out Ghosttown Messiah Rebel Heart
  2. Now to wait to see which questions she hasn't answered yet get video responses
  3. Yes Pud, my stomach has been churning all day (it was 8am here) and if I wasn't on a day off I would have called in sick. I'm very proud of her however very traumatized as a lifetime fan like you x
  4. Yes videos are being shut down - we still have one up on Madonna Australia - for now lol
  5. Last interview was a really short one for W.E. - like 3 minutes aired - filmed in 2011 and aired in mid-2012 Interview is 07:40am tomorrow so about 21 hours from now ESTD
  6. I assume legal action will be pursued against the people he sold them too who then on sold them and the people who leaked them which is considered publishing - it's far from over would be my guess.
  7. Yes I have recently started to have breakfast at the café in that building - not anymore lol I walk past it everyday and thankfully didn't smell that smell
  8. This might sound racist which I'm not however the risk is too high - deport anyone who supports them - if they want to behave like that, they should all be sent back to the middle east
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