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  1. GregVsMatt

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The delay is only on the Blu Ray and BluRay pack from one retailer - Universal are not aware of any changes to schedule as of yet. ITunes and DVD are still September 15 for Australia and other retailers still advertising 15 September for the BluRay etc
  2. The concert film will air on free to air television in Australia next week - Monday 1 May 9pm on Channel 9
  3. GregVsMatt

    Which tours have you seen live?

    Girlie Show - Brisbane Australia Rebel Heart Tour - London x 2 Paris x 1 Birmingham x 1 Melbourne x 2 Brisbane x 2 Sydney x 2 Tears Of A Clown - Melbourne
  4. GregVsMatt

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    1. Purple Rain 2. The Beautiful Ones 3. Thieves In The Temple 4. Gett Off 5. Nothing Compares 2 U 6. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 7. When Doves Cry 8. How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore? 9. 7 10. My Name Is Prince
  5. Iconic Bitch I'm Madonna Illuminati Best Night Holy Water S.E.X Devil Pray Heartbreak City Living For Love Body Shop Unapologetic Bitch Hold Tight Veni Vini Vici Inside Out Ghosttown Messiah Rebel Heart
  6. GregVsMatt

    VIP package gift?

    The gift is the same all for all dates across the world - it's a numbered hard cover book with pictures from all tours and guitar pics
  7. I'm in the collage twice in the RH mosaic at 01:00 fucking wow
  8. The LIve Nation link has been in place since March - nothing new guys
  9. Fingers crossed this is true - let's remain calm until we know
  10. As far as I can tell by my contacts negotiations have stalled a few times since March and we may be back at the same place we were with MDNA again. Only time will tell.
  11. The above is true - M has had intentions to tour Australia and this has been happening since 1985. The Virgin Tour second leg was to include Australia, WTG negotiations failed, Blond Ambition too, The Girlie Show worked out mostly due to the USA backlash, DWT was to open in Australia and these plans failed but we still got the Music 2CD Australian Tour edition in stores as they were already printed....it goes on and on and on The Australian backlash gets worse each time and if the Rebel Heart tour doesn't come to Australia it will be all over social media with ageist comments and "Madonna hates Australia" comments etc. Hoping it works out so she can reconnect with her Aussie fan base
  12. Australia has not been cancelled from the Rebel Heart Tour plans....yet. We are still playing the painful waiting game and I expect we will know by the end of June if she's coming or not
  13. Everything is pointing to the lucrative South American market to follow the shows in January so I personally suspect Asia and Australia are at risk of not happening