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  1. I was thinking the same. Maybe this will be the only video for the song
  2. I only stream music on my Spotify. I dont even have a CD player!
  3. Listening the interview too. She asked "My Way" by Frank Sinatra to play right now!
  4. For me , the biggest surprises are: "Killers": "Um caminho...é solitário" "Crazy": M singing English-Portuguese is Heaven
  5. Killers is so dope. It´s like "Dont tell me" in drugs!
  6. But "Faz Gostoso" is made for dance till death!
  7. That´s what I mean. There´s no "Hung Up" in this album
  8. Yes. The second part of the song is different , the rhythm changes and blows your mind. A hot video will make it go Viral "Safado....."
  9. "Bitch I´m Loca" Ft. Maluma reminds me "Con Calma" by Daddy Yankee & Snow
  10. "Faz Gostoso" is superior than the original version by Blaya. M cant miss this oportunity and make a hot video dancig together with Anitta
  11. I hope M and Anitta make a vid for "Faz Gostoso" and break the Internet
  12. Now it´s illegal buying a CD or a Vinyl being sold in a store! LOL
  13. Madame X is being sold here in Chile, same in Brazil (Russia too I think)
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