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  1. veroelectronica

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    whornet aint winning forever. what the hell did she do then?
  2. veroelectronica

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    desperate whornet. She never goes away. A big black madonna wannabe career-wise.
  3. veroelectronica

    George Michael thread

    This. So true.
  4. veroelectronica

    George Michael thread

    another sudden and devastating loss!!! he was another michael during 80's besides mj. so sad.
  5. veroelectronica

    Your favorite backdrop videos?

    all are perfect. cant choose one.
  6. veroelectronica

    M's favorite performance cities?

    of course NY. the greatest
  7. veroelectronica

    RH Tour Pictures!

    amazing costume. and perfect body. someone tells me she is not 50s. she looks like a 30 year old queen.
  8. veroelectronica

    RH Tour Pictures!

    how fun has it been? unbelievable. the pics are gorgeous.
  9. veroelectronica

    The Next Tour?

    so do i
  10. veroelectronica

    The Next Tour?

    never mark word with your only assumption. you need to sit and chill.
  11. veroelectronica

    The Next Tour?

    i would love a stadium show too. ive been to arena shows before.
  12. veroelectronica

    The Next Tour?

  13. veroelectronica

    The Next Tour?

    i like her tour with new material. she is not retiring. so no thanks for the hits tour yet. i think she could do a mixed schedule of arenas and stadiums again on next tour. but she needs a ww hit. i hope she gets it with next album. for next tour she could do less us and european shows. in the us with arena shows and in europe some stadiums and arenas. but she could go with more asian and south american shows. hopefully heads off to south africa and some countries she has not visited yet. it would be interesting to see how things plan out next tour.
  14. veroelectronica

    Barbra Streisand thread

    not too crazy about her. i move on.