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  1. veroelectronica

    ABBA thread

    Btw im so excited about their comeback this year. Come back as soon as possible
  2. veroelectronica

    ABBA thread

    Waterloo is catchy. Love it. Well all abbas music is catchy as hell.
  3. veroelectronica

    ABBA thread

    abba is so great. i cant wait for their new music. how is it keep being postponed? please come up soon. for me, this is the most anticipated music of this year alongside madonna. i remember having said to my partner two years ago how it would be great if they could reunite someday, and amazingly they listened to my prayer. here we are talking about their new music to be released. i feel ecstatic.
  4. He is king of peado. King of kinky. His king status got shattered with his shame. Im so ashamed of having seen and listened to the peado sicko. His victims will live in the shadow of shame and horror. Thats the legacy inherited. He is the shame of music and america.
  5. Whatever mj loons say about and depend him, he is the most creepy and filthiest maneater i ve ever seen. Why sleep with young innocent boys in the first place anyway?? Im sure more victims will be coming forward and out in the next few years im sure. It wont end. He was the one who had caused this utter mess . No excuses.
  6. Agreed. Plastic freak with serious pedophile. His fans only want to see and hear what they want to. Deaf blind.
  7. I second that. I never understood his appeal either. Also he was a copycat drag queen who wanted to look like diana. He reportedly pasted her face figure for his plastic surgery then. And she was not happy with it after hearing the rumor. Of course she was his idol for sure. He has done the same moves to death for hundreds years on heavy lip syncing since 90s. Nothing new. and his evolution stopped and died away since 80s.
  8. As mj used to sing, mj, u r not alone. u have r kelly alongside.
  9. Mj is disgusting. He always said he was innocent and used to be victimized but actually the other way around. What a psycho who believed he was norm and innocent while cheating everyone and victimizing juveniles and pretending to do it for kids. He is such a shame to pop music..i cant listen to his songs anymore because i feel like vomiting.
  10. veroelectronica

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    whornet aint winning forever. what the hell did she do then?
  11. veroelectronica

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    desperate whornet. She never goes away. A big black madonna wannabe career-wise.
  12. veroelectronica

    George Michael thread

    This. So true.
  13. veroelectronica

    George Michael thread

    another sudden and devastating loss!!! he was another michael during 80's besides mj. so sad.