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  1. maybe like coad part 2?
  2. she looks fab as usual.
  3. this is as fake as her fake blond bleach. i heard that her certification includes streaming. since when, streaming became sold records? streaming is not real records. period. streaming is more like paid air. do not get desperate, riri's team. madonna stands out as the best selling female solo artist ever. and elvis as the best solo. paying one dollar or 69 cents for a downloaded track at home will never match up to buying actual maxi-singles in physical format at shops, which will always remain selling and buying 'records' forever. never ever!!!
  4. beyonce at no.1? its getting sicker and sicker. they need to stop kissing her ass soon and i could vomit. i mean whats so special? it changed the industry or history? it did nothing. huh...
  5. Gay perfectness
  6. Actually all of them
  7. no dvd news yet??? theres no release for february?
  8. from it says she is expected to work on a new album in 2017. what do you think? i def. hope she does.
  9. From I saw this too. Dont know if its true about her working on new album this year.i Hope she does.
  10. amazing photo shots. she is the queen.
  11. it is an one of the most amazing works she's done. i never denied. i still listen to the great music on cd. she did an amazing.job. do not underestimate madonna.
  12. queen!! hollywood classic glam actress!!!
  13. awwww anderson. handome and very powerful and touching introduction to our queen. i couldnt agree more. madonna has done so much to the minorities and the world. my tears after his speech. he exactly said what madonna meant to many people all over the world. anderson, thank you for that and i do adore you. respect the queen.!!!
  14. maybe camile is bitter that madonna is doing things the way she wants to. i care less about that bitter and sour woman. madonna used to have fun and forever will. if you dont like that much, why do you even watch and pay attention? madonna is not for you anymore camile. all you could do is to stop watching and paying attention to what madonna does. no one makes you. madonna will always be the way she used to and do things what she believes in. and millions of fans will follow. madonna has every single right to do so and will pave her way to the next generation by resisting what the society wants her to screen and do and fighting bias!!
  15. its cut. not full. but thank you.