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  1. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    David dancing and Madonna in the background
  2. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Good going, Tucker.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Vhils, is a portuguese artist. http://vhils.com/work/
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Vhils post yesterday in his instagram stories.
  5. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Great choices She likes Dino D'Santiago.
  6. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Madonna living in Portugal it's the best thing ever!!! And it means we'll always be in her tour list Well i hope so...
  7. HOLY TRINITY | Like A Virgin

    Over and Over Dress you up Stay
  8. Madonna RARE

    I love the photo! The girl seems like her double in the movie.
  9. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    More videos: http://www.flash.pt/atualidade/detalhe/bacalhau-a-bras-no-jantar-secreto-de-madonna-e-nuno-gomes?ref=HP_maisLidas http://caras.sapo.pt/carastv/2017-05-24-Veja-o-video-de-Madonna-a-jantar-em-Lisboa
  10. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    We have more photos of David than Madonna. Link: http://www.record.pt/multimedia/fotogalerias/detalhe/filho-de-madonna-assistiu-ao-benfica-sporting-em-juvenis.html#/7
  11. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    In August is very hot. Porto is very beautiful too Yeah,Estoril! Finally a paparazzi photo.
  12. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Yes, it's very peaceful. You all should come to Portugal