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  1. More videos: http://www.flash.pt/atualidade/detalhe/bacalhau-a-bras-no-jantar-secreto-de-madonna-e-nuno-gomes?ref=HP_maisLidas http://caras.sapo.pt/carastv/2017-05-24-Veja-o-video-de-Madonna-a-jantar-em-Lisboa
  2. We have more photos of David than Madonna. Link: http://www.record.pt/multimedia/fotogalerias/detalhe/filho-de-madonna-assistiu-ao-benfica-sporting-em-juvenis.html#/7
  3. In August is very hot. Porto is very beautiful too Yeah,Estoril! Finally a paparazzi photo.
  4. Yes, it's very peaceful. You all should come to Portugal
  5. Yeah, we don't have paparazzi, maybe 1 lol
  6. Ahh, she is in my beautiful city, why do i have to go to work I love the outfit
  7. I heard on a tv show, that they had a dinner last night in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, (Sampaio twins and a small group of friends). The tv host also said that maybe they are here, because of David, probably to play in a soccer team.
  8. Justify my love. Great bed choreography . Human Nature is amazing!
  9. Always,The Girlie Show World Tour .
  10. None. Its time will come
  11. Rebel Heart Tour
  12. Veni Vidi Vici
  13. I Fucked Up