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  1. Daisy Cobb

    Justin Timberlake thread

    The only song i like is Filthy , the rest, is more of the same.
  2. Daisy Cobb

    Your top albums of 2017

    Vince Staples- Big Fish Theory Miguel-War & Leisure Princess Nokia-1992 Deluxe
  3. Daisy Cobb

    Chris Cornell Has Died

    This is very sad. I love his music .
  4. Daisy Cobb

    Eurovision thread

    Thank you. Yes it's a great advert for my country. We organized The European Championship in 2004 and everything went very well (except when we lost the final with Greece ) You will love it
  5. Daisy Cobb

    Eurovision thread

    Thanks. We participate since 1964 and we never won.I'm so glad.
  6. Daisy Cobb

    Eurovision thread

    Yay, finally we won. I'm so happy
  7. Daisy Cobb

    R.E.M. Appreciation Thread

    I love R.E.M., I have all the albuns except Around the Sun. My fave album right now is Murmur.