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  1. omg after all the jokes about Looking For Mercy.... Its the best LOL
  2. I agree that the version of like a prayer wasn't good.... but yes overall just missed opportunity. It should've been what the superbowl was.... But we still dont know anything about the album so you could change your mind after the release
  3. I can only see negative stuff online Even my friends were disappointed lol But I was totally expecting that... its seems that no matter what she will do and how it will always be a "disappointment"... its sucks but its reality it really does hurt me a little bit.. overall it's just seems like a wasted opportunity... but whatever I really need to let it go and not giving a fuck about this mess
  4. Yeah I got used for her receiving bad feedback whenever she performing or appearing in the public
  5. Future was good Like a paryer was fine... the version is not that good but it's ok ... Also I dont get what so controversial with the flag... it was a symbol of unity... and I'm from Israel... and it was also expected
  6. it does look like it's gonna take elements from the Met Gala the video has only a picture and sound from Like a Prayer
  7. yes, there are reports that she has landed here in Israel should I like go and stalk her? or something?
  8. You know it could be because they are coming with 70 stairs
  9. there is another news that says that the plane of the equipment for her performance already arrived today and that she is coming with a choir of 40 people and Quavo and 25 dancers... probably for like a prayer and Future I guess it will be clear if she will land in Israel
  10. There are many articles about it right now in Israeli websites and like every one is giving different news lol. One website claims that the contracts is not sealed yet and that is ther reason there is not formal confirmation about it. They are saying it's because her performance is demanding too much and the production teams just can't have it. They are saying that the producer wanted to let it go but the heads of Kan insisted on Madonna. Also Madonna wants to perform 2 new song and the producers want her to perform like a prayer so they also disagreeing on that... they are saying that th
  11. I really wonder, does anyone in the USA gives a fuck about them? these shows are so stupid... I will never understand their point of existence
  12. look... the Eurovision is not a factor in the conflict between Israel and Gaza. I'ts means that if it will have to be cancelled, it will be cancelled. there is no way that in a time of a crisis Israel will have this kind of event
  13. more than 200 missiles... the terror organizations in Gaza are saying that they want to make Israel cancel the Eurovision... now they are doing that because they are basically blackmailing Israel for money and stuff... They think that because of the Eurovision and that this week is Israel independence day, that they will get what they want without a real clash... there are two ways this could go: there will be an agreement between Israel and Hamas and the Jihad the other is that Israel will strike back and this could lead to something bigger so the whole thing will be canceled... eit
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