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  1. yes its mostly in the mixed areas, places that Jews and Arabs live peacefully in harmony. I live in the south, the areas that get the most rockets from Gaza. So around here the problem is in the roads... people get rocks thrown at their cars and stuff like that... But there's also a lot of heat in streets in many cities... lots of extremists from both groups that cause lots of violence. And to think that its all after (and during) the mass of Covid. thanks to the vaccine the situation with covid is so much better here, but it feels like its a cycle after cycle. Fucked up
  2. I have a feeling it's gonna get worst unfortunately... there are so many acts of violence between Israelis Jews and Arabs... Lynches on people, Synagogues are burning down, vandalism in stores... It's really fucked up. It's not everywhere, but it very concerning... and so many people express hate right now... It's like people are blind with hate... Scary shit... hope it will get better... There will be a truce eventually between Israel and Hamas, but the situation between Arab and Jews In Israel will take time to fix
  3. Of course younger generations in Israel are sick and tired of all of it. not only young people... I think that the main reason Netanyahu is being voted again ans again is because of fear... for some reasone some people feel that he bring security ... why? i don't know. Israel is having conflict with Hamas every few years, people are dying and still "he bring secuity"... Its fucked up. see this as the same thing that happend with trump in usa... there are more and more voices of people that are sick and tired and want Netanyahu out, but the election system here is fucked up too. Many people also want to limit the years that one man can be prime-minister just like the president in usa... Fuckd up reality. We all want things to change here... There is hope now because of recent elections... but who knows... We'll have to see after the current conflict will be resolved
  4. I agree that ther is something problematic about what's being reported and what's not... I dont really blame ignorance about what's happening here from people around the world, Its the media fault. But people need to understand that and take... I also totally agree that theres provocative acts from the Israeli side. The "leaders" from the Israeli far right have done stupid action especially recently that raised the heat of everything that's happening these days... I only wish for better days. Cause I am truly horrified from recent events. With Hamas what's happening will stop eventually (for some time)... but the situation between Jews and arabs inside Israel won't... I wish that there will be true leaders as soon as possible in Israel that will actually care and do something to fix all this. It's about fucking time
  5. And as someone who live here and the memories of his childhood are - buses exploding, terrorist exploding themself at restaurants and rcokets being sent to his neighborhood, I can tell you that The Palestinian side provokes Israel side too... "provokes" is a very small word to explain this.... Hamas is a terror organization that specificly taget civilians... Hamas are not those who "responds". they are those that causes the problam and they DO NOT care about Palestinians too... especially not Gaza
  6. Jews and Arabs Inside Israel, not between Israelis and Palestinians from Gaza or the East Bank. And we are talking about mixed cities that have lived in peace and quiet for many years.... I'm sure you gonna hear about it and see it soon, So many horrible videos and pictures... True madness... You would've thought that a global pandemic will make people cherish life more... guess not
  7. Why? Her country is in war and she is worry and she is not blaming any side as she should and anybody else If you think that picking sided here is gonna make thing better you are wrong. You only see the Palestinian side? You really dont give a fuck about the israeli side right? You know how many rocked has been send here lately from Hamas? They even started by sending to Jerusalem, their "holy city" Children and women are daying from both sides... it's not about picking who is right or wrong, it's about how both sides need to accept reality and think about how to move on... And dont even start with "well you stole the land" Let's talk about was usa was before... is it relevant? What do you expect her to say? "You know... Palestiniana are right I'm calling the government gonna ask them to move out to another place. Maybe back to Europe?" This week, is the most scary week I even experienced in my life... it's not only about war between Israel and Gaza... there is basically a civil war starting inside israel and it feels like its gonna be everywhere... last night was the most scary night ever... I'm still shocked. While rockets are being sent from Gaza.. people are fighting on the street at few places. People being attacked by groups... both jewish and arabs a true civil war I'm scared as shit Dont need people that dont even live here to pass their hypocrisy... that is what the whole world is doing right now
  8. omg after all the jokes about Looking For Mercy.... Its the best LOL
  9. I agree that the version of like a prayer wasn't good.... but yes overall just missed opportunity. It should've been what the superbowl was.... But we still dont know anything about the album so you could change your mind after the release
  10. I can only see negative stuff online Even my friends were disappointed lol But I was totally expecting that... its seems that no matter what she will do and how it will always be a "disappointment"... its sucks but its reality it really does hurt me a little bit.. overall it's just seems like a wasted opportunity... but whatever I really need to let it go and not giving a fuck about this mess
  11. Yeah I got used for her receiving bad feedback whenever she performing or appearing in the public
  12. Future was good Like a paryer was fine... the version is not that good but it's ok ... Also I dont get what so controversial with the flag... it was a symbol of unity... and I'm from Israel... and it was also expected
  13. it does look like it's gonna take elements from the Met Gala the video has only a picture and sound from Like a Prayer
  14. yes, there are reports that she has landed here in Israel should I like go and stalk her? or something?
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