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  1. Addressing the crowd

    I was just thinking about all Madonna's entrances to the stage on each tour, and for the most part BA is usually the top of the list - or in the top 2. One of the best things about that entrance is how Madonna addresses the crowd immediately upon hitting the stage - belting out some type of greeting - and the whole "DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE????!!" - That energy really excites the crowd. I don't believe she's done it since BA. I guess it takes away from a theatrical more complex opening? Just a thought?
  2. I agree - the 80's hits are great, but it's time to give the 90's hits some attention!
  3. Depends on what kind of tour it is. A GH tour - then these 5: Vogue (in full, with bridge) Like a Prayer - with choreography (similar to BA) Everybody Lucky Star Express Yourself No re-inventions necessary A regular tour: Causing a Commotion Bad Girl You'll See I'll Remember CHERISH
  4. Vogue from the tours ranked

    Completely agree about the BA performance. Yes, it has the original choreography but there's no WOW factor to it like there is MDNA, or even RIT. The costumes from BA "Vogue" aren't show stopping at all.
  5. M shades Cherish

    That's ok - she'll be performing it on the next tour now. Just like "Material Girl" and "True Blue" - it will more than likely return in some form eventually. At least I hope so.
  6. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    I was at this show - and this was definitely a highlight. The whole night was just perfect - her live vocals were on point. "True Blue"/"Heartbreak City"/"Love don't live here anymore" were just increddible.
  7. Vogue from the tours ranked

    1 - RIT 2 - MDNA 3 - BAT (I always thought this should have been more elaborate on BAT since it was the current hit song) 4 - GS 5 - RH 6 - S&S
  8. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

  9. I wouldn't mind a residency - can you imagine how amazing a show like that would be from Madonna?! If she does the Vegas/Greatest Hits type show - she could having the biggest, best show to ever hit the Vegas strip. We'd all be screaming at the numbers, hype, promo, and the fact that her face would be plastered everywhere! I'm ok with this - she's done 10 world tours and if she wants to try something new I think it would be a brilliant show. Of course, she'd have to play by the rules by singing songs everyone knows, and starting on time. The show also couldn't be called "Madonna: The Candy Shop Experience" either! LOL. I think technologically speaking, they could even try some new effects since the show wouldn't be moving around. I'd pay good money to fly to Vegas to see this type of show from her. I've been seeing her live since RIT and i'm ready for something new and that I haven't seen before. While Madonna is always above the rest in my book, the pop show format hasn't changed much in the last 20 years. Now, are we talking a TOAC type residency? I'm ok with that also - I mean, I love Madonna's big spectacle shows, but a night in a theatre with something scaled down would be interesting and intimate. I'm not sure i'd fly somewhere to see it but if it was in NYC and I could get a ticket at a reasonable price (about $500.00) i'd go. Perhaps she could do that prior to going on a major world tour again (maybe even a GH tour). The possibilities are endless and i'm looking forward to what she has in mind.
  10. This is one of the great things about Madonna. She isn't just dance music - she has evolved so much from the beginning of her career and what's so great is that even now, she can come right back to her roots and still put out a great dance track. I always say there's a Madonna album for every mood - If I don't feel like something upbeat and care-free, I turn to a different album - but I don't have to turn to a different artist (if I don't want to) to get what i'm looking for at the moment - Madonna has something for every emotion. I've actually listened to all of her albums in full, in a row, and it's just such great mix.
  11. Express Yourself

    I think it gets overlooked in terms of set-lists, for sure. The RIT version was ok but the visuals were not, how do I put this, as fun as in the past? I loved the MDNA version but i'd really like to see it again on the next tour. Probably in my top 5 Madonna songs of all time.
  12. Come On In To My Store

    The MDNA version is my favorite!
  13. Come On In To My Store

    Don't give her any ideas!!!!!!!! LOL - you know it's coming.
  14. I'd pick DWAD .... for a teen pop star/show, it was a big spectacle and Britney was in her prime in 2001/2002 as a dancer/performer. The massive waterfall at the end was pretty cool live as well. Onyx was still great but wasn't as over the top with the stage design/effects.