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  1. "Devil Pray" is my most played, but I love "S.E.X." and "Best Night" so they are right up there with it.
  2. The slamming door at the end is just....perfection. I absolutely love this song.
  3. S.E.X. Best Night Inside Out Messiah Holy Water Devil Pray Living For Love Unapologetic Bitch Heartbreak City Body Shop
  4. The remix makes it more repetitive - I can see it being mixed together for an extended version on tour.
  5. and please Madonna....sing this song on tour and light a single candle with an almost pitch black stage. It could be so dramatic and perfect!
  6. completely agree! I also like towards the end when she changes the way she sings "and you find that you LoVe me too....." the note change is perfection.
  7. The tour version will be awesome! but I'm hoping we get the album version for the tour.
  8. AMAZING performance! Madonna sounded so good! Also, LMAO @ her singing with Ellen! I too, LOVE the Rebel Heart era!
  9. Living For Love Devil Pray Holy Water S.E.X. Inside Out Messiah
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