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  1. So what was the setlist they played on channel 9?
  2. If I Had A Hammer!

    she sings beautifully on this, I want it too
  3. Melbourne 13 March - 2nd Night!

    so what time did she come on both nights ?
  4. Tears of a Clown - continued (spoilers inside)

    still hoping i can get a ticket, gunna go & try my luck. this show is going to be amazing
  5. is it a big building? Could you hear from outside the building? i didn't win & my friend didn't on telstra & i bought plane tickets & accomation in excitement on weekend & now i don't have tickets, this sux
  6. Auckland March 6

    so what time she cum on stage?
  7. i think best night would be cool as well
  8. I didn't win & would love to win, anyone have a spare ticket & want to sell? pleas
  9. How do you enter? Have i missed out ?
  10. How do you enter if are not a telstra member? I dont see how on m.com
  11. Any news of dj before show?
  12. thanks heaps, im seat 15!!!
  13. im from sydney =) happy we are the last shows, think we will get take a bow & like a prayer & hoping ghostown & who's that girl. does anyone know what seat number is next to the catwalk? im in section a & ticketek is useless