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  1. I'm not normally a ballad person but Wash All Over Me is one of my favourite Madonna songs ever.
  2. Everyday. Love it to bits. My hubby is no doubt sick of hearing it but he's used to my Madonna obsession.
  3. Wow! Loved every second of this. She seemed relaxed and happy and answered the questions with the usual Madonna attitude that I love. Her face was perfection. She is so beautiful. Nice bathroom as well.
  4. a good lesson on how to make a song come alive. She was flipping wonderful and so gorgeous!! This is why I've loved her for 30 years.
  5. Best video for a long time. She looks amazing. 10 out of 10 from me
  6. This is one of my favourite tracks. I play it loud and proud. Fantastic song.
  7. I can't stop listening to it. Best thing she's done since Confessions.
  8. I didn't expect to like this one having only heard a bit of it but now I've listened to the whole song I actually love it. Great chorus.
  9. I love this song. One of the highlights of the album. I hope she sings this on tour...I
  10. tOn the radio 1 charts it is number one. Just checked it again. This is the main UK chart
  11. Celebration album has gone back into UK charts as well and Rebel Heart is currently at number 1. That's good news. She looked gorgeous,Like a work of art tonight. Beautiful. And those female dancers HAVE to go on tour with her.
  12. He loves her. I would have a smile on my chops as well if I managed to grab an interview with Madonna. She looks so fragile and petite in this picture, stunningly gorgeous.
  13. Just watched it. She is so so beautiful this era. Flawless. Love the songs too but as Devil Pray is one of my favourites I was in Madonna heaven when she sang it. I thought she sang it well. Wish I had been in that audience. X
  14. I have only listened to the first songs she officially released on iTunes. I didn't even listen to the other officially released tracks that came later. Today I have to go to work (like now) and will have to wait until I get home to hear the album fully. Amazon should be delivering all my versions today but if not I will have the download on iTunes to listen to. Because a new Madonna album is a big event I am having a half day leave and will come home and have an afternoon with just me and The Queen. My hubby will be at work so no disruptions. Roll on midday. It's been a long wait.
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