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  1. This episode??? This one??? I don't understand...
  2. Madonna said on some nights, her mic stopped functioning during 'Vogue'. She just sang over a very loud track. Listen to the Dallas recording. Pay attention to the "Oooh"s at the end, and then compare them to the studio version. She may have mimed most of it, but the ending definitely had some live vocals. As for the GS, the first lines were live for sure.
  3. So, even CeeLo Green mimed? 'Open Your Heart/Express Yourself' and 'Like a Prayer' had that live feel to them... Maybe she sang over the track? If not, too bad. I remember Elton John advising her too "lip-synch good" just before her performance, and I wished she'd prove him wrong.
  4. I know this question was more or less answered before... But do we know for sure the Madonna's Halftime show was completely mimed? I listened again, and it seems like 'Open Your Heart/Express Yourself' and 'Like a Prayer' may have been live or semi-live (like microphones turned on, not just props). 'Vogue'? May have been pre-recorded and totally lipped. 'Music/Sexy and I Know It' and 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' sounded just like the studio versions... But didn't Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. wear mic packs (or were those just props)? As for early nineties 'Vogue', it was not completely mimed on the 'Blond Ambition Tour'; Madonna confirmed it herself in 'Truth or Dare'. MJ's Halftime show sounded totally mimed (was it?), but nobody diminished his talent for that.
  5. I've always been very supportive of Madonna during the course of her career and would often defend her when unduly attacked. Madonna took digs at Pope John Paul II, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and Marine Le Pen (among others), so it's nothing new. On Pope John Paul II: "Absolutely. Catholicism is what I was raised with, that’s the religion I know, but I disagree with almost every principle of it. If I ever got into a room with the Pope, I would probably fly into a rage with him. All of this adulation. I don’t think people realize what he’s actually saying. I mean, women have literally, absolutely no rights in the Church. There is no freedom, there’s no choice. I know a lot of Catholics who go to church, who practice, but they don’t agree with three fourths of it. But it’s good to have faith, and I love going to church. I don’t necessarily like going to mass, but I do love going to church." On George W. Bush, US President at the time: "Go to Texas, where you can suck George Bush's d*ck!" On Sarah Palin: "Sarah F**king Palin!" As for Marine Le Pen, she got a Nazi cross on her forehead (during the 'Nobody Knows Me' MDNA Tour interlude). But this time, it feels different. The White House (akin to Buckingham Palace) is sacred to Americans. Not everything needs to be said in public. What Madonna said kinda cheapens and defiles the sanctity of the White House. In other words, "If I don't agree w/ the current régime, the whole White House (home to the President) might as well be blown up!" I understand she may not have seriously considered blowing it up, and she then explained despair (violence) is not the answer, but that particular White House reference was not so wise nor advisable. Besides, there are many crazies out there contemplating ways to actually assassinate the President (regardless of how that would affect his 10 year-old son, Barron). Back then, in 2003, being against Bush and the US military action in Iraq was somewhat more risky (Madonna ending up pulling the 'American Life' MV from the airwaves and the net), but now, the anti-Trump sentiment is so strong that in spite of criticism, Madonna's receiving tons of accolades. Being publicly pro-Trump (like singer Azealia Banks or former actress Kimberlin Brown) takes a LOT more guts. Aaron Carter experienced heavy cyber-bullying after his public support of Trump (support he ended up withdrawing). Carter also confessed to having been emotionally distraught by all that bullying (which shows a lack of tolerance from anti-Trumpers). In my observation, the anti-Trump sentiment is completely irrational. Reinforcing homeland security, stopping illegal immigration, eradicating radical Islamic terrorism and drastically improving the economy are some of Trump's top priorities. One may or may not agree w/ the way he's going about things, but that mounting tension ain't solving anything. And not all Trump supporters are racists, religious nutjobs (like pastors calling for gays to be killed) and what not! What about the Left just gives him a chance?
  6. How can you Tell it was a Trump fan? All I heard her say is "Play the music!"
  7. Marine Le Pen explained the euro currency makes everything more expensive in France, and if elected, she'd try to bring back the franc. This is one of the reasons why she wants a FREXIT—out of the European Union!
  8. Hillary won the popular vote, but Trump won more States (30 vs. 20, 304 electoral votes vs. 227). Therefore, he got more voters across the country. Hillary literally did have more voters, but they were not so widespread cross-country.
  9. Vocals sounded raw, but still good to me. I agree w/ you on the two other points.
  10. I've been a Madonna fan for decades and posted in a number of (now-defunct) forums. I don't post often, that's all! All I did was honestly state my mind.
  11. Okay... I have just responded to this thread. Since one of the posters referred to Trump as a "sexual predator" (when he was never found guilty of that), I responded by referring to Hillary Clinton's own behaviour at the time she was a defence lawyer (and posted a video about it). I then explained I used to support Hillary until the Pulse nightclub massacre; I stopped supporting her since I found her response lukewarm and contrivedly politically correct, whereas Trump's response did resonate w/ me (and posted his video response). I asked why aren't feminists fighting for women's rights in Middle Eastern countries. And I finally included in my response a public post a gay Muslim activist friend of mine has just posted in regards to child marriage in Muslim countries (and the video attached to his post). And guess what? Kim deleted my response, called me a "nutter" and accused me of posting "crap". What's nutty in anything I wrote above? Where's the crap? Madonna's most important message is self-expression, and that's what I did. Like other members, I was honest and expressed my views and analysis of the situation without insulting nor attacking any of the members. Am supposed to understand I must be pro-Hillary to post in here? Now, in regards to Madonna's speech... M has every right to support Hillary, but she lost! Yes, she won the popular vote, but more voters across America voted Trump; he won lots more States and districts! Like it or not, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. One may be dissatisfied w/ the outcome of the election, but it's a done deal. I support Madonna's freedom of speech, but I have a feeling she may lose a number of fans over her anti-Trump stance, especially her White House comment.
  12. Response to Kim... Gotcha!
  13. How would Madonna prepare for those shows? She must have had some vocal coaching somehow...
  14. Madonna does admit in 'Joan of Arc' words from hatards sometimes get to her... I much prefer the attitude she has in 'Like It Or Not'. M also said she wears her red string to shield herself from that kind of negativity. I just wish she'd ignore it altogether and only focus on positive fan comments.