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  1. too much emotions and sensations and excitements to describe here God, one year... I still didn't overcome the assassination of WAOM but all the happiness this era brings makes it ok.
  2. She have the time to shoot in july and release in August. Rehearsals are not excuse because she will film backdrops. She will not do a 4th if SHE DON'T WANT TO. She could even film a new video with outtake scenes used as backdrop for tour. Devil pray is my bet.
  3. the first "pack" of leaks in december, mostly Avicii productions, are still my favourite version of this album in my mind.
  4. exactly my perception of this tune I loved the demo and feared for the Kanye touch (if its true he touched that) but the album version is something rich, deep
  5. I was so hoping there was a dance between them this is fucking above everything done in the pop world recently
  6. amazing interviews, she was relaxed and really ready to answear, he was natural and interested in her. this guy made me wet
  7. I didn't count the use of "dark" yet, but I noticed "scars" in some lyrics and the idea of fall and be lifted up on LFL being strangely seen live. She says "the end" in some lyrics with more affirmative and opened ways than before. May seem silly specially for those who instantly avoid ideas of conspiracy theories, but that's not my point. I keep hearing the songs and relating one to another and there's a message of fear, I don't Know a stange vibe.
  8. all her power to fight, struggle and win resumed in this video her carreer is ther, her life is there
  9. Iconic must be the video that opens the tour, then she came to sing the last verses and the song turns in Living for love
  10. I don't know exactly how to make an analysis with so much versions and demos is like I must separate everything on my head and try to listen to the officials forgeting all the rest. I'll need 24hs to know what to think lol
  11. I'll wait for the 13th coming on my room all day online crying and singing.
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