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  1. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    MDNA Tour: the 'lost' tour for a documentary

    All the drama, prejudice and hate she faced and witnessed, the political statements and argues, church, guns, blood on the eyebrow, scenario that doesn't come, physical stress, whatever more, would give an amazing deep and intense documentary (almost) like TOD maybe as a dancer/performer I love the auditions and workshop things, I respect that work. but there's a lot more to see
  2. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    Depeche Mode

    They're on my holy trinity. Madonna obviously is God, the first, the beginning, then comes Depeche whom I became fan in 2002 and then Bowie, that I discovered too late, in 2011.
  3. too much emotions and sensations and excitements to describe here God, one year... I still didn't overcome the assassination of WAOM but all the happiness this era brings makes it ok.
  4. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    Barcelona - November 24

    oh Jon she lost the words of Don't tell me a bit tonight....
  5. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    Barcelona - November 24

    I read she rehearsed This used to be my playgorund but then it was denied. That song played on a VIP pre-party. could be too much to ask for Love profusion?
  6. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    MDNA rehearsals

    this kind of stuff makes me so excited I love rehearsals, all that soul put trough the creation of an artistic piece
  7. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    Do we know the name of the dancers?

    I can't stop lookin Kupono when I watch Deeper and deeper. the way he put his hand on the hair and gives two steps to side is enough for me to cum
  8. I can't stop watching videos and search for more pics, I'm stunned with joy and life that comes from her
  9. I can't do anything, just thinking about it. I have a feeling that some songs will replace others during the tour. The bad is that they never film and show on youtube, or extras on dvd, or something
  10. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    Devil Pray the cancelled fourth single...

    She have the time to shoot in july and release in August. Rehearsals are not excuse because she will film backdrops. She will not do a 4th if SHE DON'T WANT TO. She could even film a new video with outtake scenes used as backdrop for tour. Devil pray is my bet.
  11. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    Cohesive Demo Album Tracklist

    the first "pack" of leaks in december, mostly Avicii productions, are still my favourite version of this album in my mind.
  12. exactly my perception of this tune I loved the demo and feared for the Kanye touch (if its true he touched that) but the album version is something rich, deep
  13. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    ReInvention Tour Appreciation!!!

    still my favourite even after the smash of CT and the two that I could see live
  14. beautyiswhereIfoundit

    GHOSTTOWN VIDEO PREMIERE!!!! Classic masterpiece!

    I was so hoping there was a dance between them this is fucking above everything done in the pop world recently
  15. amazing interviews, she was relaxed and really ready to answear, he was natural and interested in her. this guy made me wet