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  1. What remixes do you prefer to the originals?

    though it's not official and released remixes: some girls / falling free orbit mixes much more rich than the versions on the album
  2. Songs You Like/Love That Most of the Fanbase Don't

    Incredible and Voices
  3. MDNA Tour: the 'lost' tour for a documentary

    All the drama, prejudice and hate she faced and witnessed, the political statements and argues, church, guns, blood on the eyebrow, scenario that doesn't come, physical stress, whatever more, would give an amazing deep and intense documentary (almost) like TOD maybe as a dancer/performer I love the auditions and workshop things, I respect that work. but there's a lot more to see
  4. Come On In To My Store

    Always loved. The first song wich I've first heard her voice live (S&S São Paulo, 2008). In my heart forever.
  5. Madonna's Love for Languages

    and in Portuguese she only learnt Gostosa, Periguete, Obrigada and Caralho
  6. Liquid Love, my beloved.
  7. New leak - Love Hurts (Erotica demo)

    I'm feeling so crazy and excited as when You are the one and Shame leaked.

    it's sad so many people can't understand Madonna more than album - killer video - superb stage tour her love for classic cinema and intelligence and sensibility to bring that era to modern visuals is genius and let's not forget, she's a woman. flesh and bones. mind and heart.
  9. Ray of Light - March 3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    oh God, I meant After, AFTER I bought the album in the middle of 1999 lol
  10. Ray of Light - March 3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I'll NEVER forget how I felt when I listened to the whole album for the first time (one year before the release!). And it came exactly in the best time of my life. Everything was linked and flowing. She was my spiritual guide.
  11. LIFE IS A PAIR OF DOGS? And it doesn't make much sense.

    oh my Godess, is because she's a lion? L.I.O.N. = Like It Or Not
  12. probably S&S 2008 and 2009 are counted as one because is same name, same team, same crew, same promotion.... so, from four tours, there's one more to complete the deal and as from the deal for three albuns, there are still one to come this makes the perfect combination : album + tour of this album what is a doubt: the contract end exactly ten years later, 2017, or it started oficially in 2008? I think if there was some extend, a new sign for more time, the press would be noticed....
  13. Rebel Heart airing on Showtime USA on Friday, December 9!

    It's Showtime!!!! Today, Showtime Networks and MADONNA have announced that her highly-anticipated concert film, MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR will premiere on December 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME, on-air, on demand and over the internet. MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR was shot around the world and features a collection of live and behind these scenes footage culminating in performances at the Sydney Olympic Park in March of this year. The film is co-directed by Danny B. Tull and Nathan Rissman, both of whom have worked extensively with Madonna on her feature films and tour movies. Madonna will be honored later this year as Billboard magazine’s 2016 Woman of the Year award, at a star-studded event held in conjunction with the publication of Billboard’s Women in Music list, which identifies the 50 most powerful female executives in the industry each year. For a first look at MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR… David Nevins, President and CEO, Showtime Networks Inc said… When it comes to putting on a show, there is only one Madonna – an iconic performer that we’re thrilled to have on our air. With her unique creative vision and unmatched stage presence, our viewers will see an arena show packed with visual theatrics, stunning costumes and intricate choreography, featuring new hits and beloved classic songs. The set list for MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR spans all decades of the iconic superstar’s illustrious career, including songs from Rebel Heart (the No. 1 dance hits “Living for Love” and “Bitch I’m Madonna”) to classic fan favorites like “Material Girl” and “Holiday” and a “Dress You Up” medley that included “Get Into The Groove,” “Everybody” and “Lucky Star.” Memorable highlights from the tour include her first-ever live concert performance of “Take a Bow,” acoustic versions of “Like A Prayer,” “Secret” and “Don’t Tell Me.” At each tour date during the song “Unapologetic Bitch,” Madonna would bring someone up from the crowd to dance with her during the song. Some nights it was a fan, another night it was Katy Perry. Other guest dancers included: Amy Schumer, Ariana Grande, Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Diplo, Gwendoline Christie, Graham Norton and Anderson Cooper. Produced by Live Nation Global Touring, the Rebel Heart Tour kicked off on September 9, 2015 in Montreal and visited arenas in 55 cities on four continents over seven months. Madonna performed 82 shows, plus a special fan club show in Melbourne. The tour grossed $169.8 Million with 1,045,479 in attendance, making her the top grossing touring female artist in the history of Billboard Boxscore with over $1.31 billion in ticket sales sold over the course of her career. Madonna is also the fourth top grossing touring act (behind The Rolling Stones, U2 and Bruce Springsteen) since tracking began in 1990. The Rebel Heart Tour was directed by Jamie King with musical direction by Kevin Antunes (the band’s keyboardist Ric’key Pageot, drummer Brian Frasier-Moore, guitarist Monte Pittman, and background vocalists Kiley Dean and Nicki Richards), lead choreography by Megan Lawson, hair by Andy LeCompte, makeup by Aaron Henrikson, and costume design by Arianne Phillips. From Madonnarama
  14. the only things I can really call remarkable the Superbowl impact Golden Triangle in São Paulo/soundcheck/sing Like a prayer and look in my eyes on the line "I think I'm falling"
  15. it gets better and better with time opposite with MDNA that I used to love... HC gives me so good memories..... is so easy and smooth....