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  1. Wait... The right wing government of Australia is banning it?? I'm actually quite shocked at this.
  2. Homophobes have this weird idea that just because THEY are bothered by gay kissing, that means everyone is. Right wing mentality is all about projection.
  3. I still can't believe that party won the 2019 election. When that happened i was like... HOW, after all the shit they did?? This is just insane.
  4. Yeah, completely agree. Capable is indeed the correct word, it's not like the UK doesn't have a history of problematic powerful women (Thatcher anyone?).
  5. YES! So happy for Scotland, always loved that region. I would like to see them become a real country though, especially with UK's current Prime Minister.
  6. This is disgusting but tbh i expected the number to be higher. When you see the extremely homophobic government and culture that Russia has i assumed at least half of Russians would want to see gays eliminated.
  7. As someone said, the worst thing about some of those reviews is that it's Madonna HERSELF who is reviewed and not the album. It's such a disgusting double standard compared to others artists and it drives me crazy sometimes.
  8. I love Lucy O'Brien SO MUCH, her Madonna biography was very well written and more focused on her career than others. She's a real fan and is not afraid to be critical when needed, but never in a sensationalist way.
  9. This is definitively her best album this decade. More experimental and edgy than i thought it'd be. It's been on repeat for me since it came out, i just know it's the kind of album i won't ever be tired of. Madonna did it once again!
  10. Exactly. American Life is a masterpiece and i still can't believe the mixed reviews it got. Talk about a misunderstood album.
  11. I loved the speech/performance and i couldn't care less about her ass tbh. Yeah it looked odd but that's not the end of the world
  12. Exactly I really hope a true left wing alternative will come up in 2022 (it almost happened this year with Jean Luc Melenchon and his France Insoumise movement) or the far right could end up winning.
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