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  1. BREXIT / British Politics thread - cont

    Wow Darren Hayes went IN, i love it
  2. THANK YOU. Exactly what i was thinking. They're doing it on purpose, a lot of people desperately want to hate her and they'll find any excuse to do so.
  3. Madonna and David Letterman

    They have an interesting chemistry.
  4. How many M songs do you have....

    I have all her original albums, the best of Celebration and the remix album.
  5. Lady Gaga thread. "The Disease"

    So disgusting
  6. PopCrush Madonna's Best Live Vocals

    EXACTLY. That Oscar performance is pure perfection, it's my most watched Madonna performance ever. I'll never get tired of it.
  7. Songs you were surprised that Madonna sang?

    Hollywood and Love Profusion. I heard them a lot on the radio here in Belgium and i just loved them. I had no idea who sang them. Back then i wasn't into music that much so i just happened to hear songs on the radio and sometimes some of them catched my attention. Those 2 songs were among them. Years later, when i started to get into music, i became interested in Madonna and listened to her whole discography. I was shocked to see that not only she was the one singing those 2 songs but that they were on the same album! I was so happy.
  8. PopCrush Madonna's Best Live Vocals

    Amazing collection! Too bad they added Frozen though, it was obviously lip synced. I just LIVE for the Sooner or Later performance, truly her greatest vocal moment to me. Her Ray of Light performance at Oprah is just incredible too.
  9. A New Argentina

    Evita was her absolute peak vocally. She really showed the whole world that she could sing (even if it was obvious before that that she could). I'm so glad You Must Love Me won an Oscar, that song is pure emotion.
  10. Express yourself demo leak (real ?)

    Wow it's amazing! Hope it's legit.
  11. Lady Gaga thread. "The Disease"

    Exactly! It was SO obvious that Golden Globe was bought. Only her fans took it seriously
  12. France Elects Emmanuel Macron

    Exactly I really hope a true left wing alternative will come up in 2022 (it almost happened this year with Jean Luc Melenchon and his France Insoumise movement) or the far right could end up winning.
  13. France Elects Emmanuel Macron

    Except that's not exactly what happened. Yeah most people voted against Le Pen (and i'm glad for that) but they certainly weren't voting FOR Macron. Even at the first round of the election, 40% of people who voted Macron did so to avoid at all cost a second round between the right and the far right, like it happened in 2002. That election in 2002 was traumatic for the left and people were terrified it would happen again, as polls were showing for months. So they voted for the "less right wing" candidate for the second round, that's all. Also the medias were pushing Macron HARD for more than a year, saying he was the candidate of "change", that only him could beat the Front National, that he was "young" and "dynamic"... It was extremely obvious that the medias and political establishment wanted to install Macron, since he was the candidate of Europe basically. This election was basically a remake of the US one, with Clinton (Macron) vs Trump (Le Pen). It only had a "happier" ending because of the way elections works in France. Le Pen never had a chance this year. Most people are NOT celebrating right now, they're only relieved that Le Pen was defeated. But Macron is going to be an extremely unpopular president (he already is) because his extremely liberal program is not what most French people want. He's going to destroy social security, privatize everything and make Europe's control over France stronger. In others words, he's exactly the kind of politician that makes Le Pen and the Front National stronger in the long run. If there's no other alternative in 2022, Le Pen could possibly win the election because people will have enough. This is only a temporary "victory", and this "victory" will have bad consequences for the country. I'm really scared of the future.
  14. So true. There's still too many people who think that absolute technical perfection is the only way to sing a song. But most of the time songs like that are TOO technical and they lack any emotion (Mariah Carey is a perfect example of that). Some of Madonna's songs almost made me cry the first time i heard them, TUTBMP is the first song that comes to mind for me. So beautiful and underrated.
  15. Spazz is a far right extremist, i don't understand why his neo-nazi mentality is even allowed here in the first place