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  1. Why shouldn’t she celebrate that she is 60? She’s absolutely amazing and healthy, she should embrace it. I wasn’t talking about her calling her tour anything to do with her age. It’s a milestone which deserves a celebration and it so happens to be the anniversary of her first album Madonna (35), The Girlie Show (25), Ray of Light (20), American Life (15) Hard Candy (10 even though most wont want to celebrate this 🤣) etc. Why not celebrate her achievements for once and her legacy? Times change and she obviously rethinking her career with a tour residency which is like playing a show in Vegas (she said she would never do this)...
  2. It was me in another thread. 35th Anniversary of “Madonna” 10th Anniversary of “Hard Candy” (🤣) 60th Birthday 9 years since her last Greatest Hits collection = one is coming soonish Decreasing tour grosses and smaller venues (RH was not because she wanted a more intimate affair, it was due to knowing you’ve toured extensively over the past 10 years and it’s more difficult to sell tickets) A Greatest Hits Tour makes a lot of sense as she needs to get the general public on board for this one and this would attract them. Whether she likes it or not she needs to embrace her entire career and her legacy.
  3. The Only and Only Madonna Complete Singles Collection CD1 - 1982-1988 Everybody (edit) • Burning Up • Holiday (edit) • Borderline • Like A Virgin • Material Girl • Crazy for You • Angel • Into the Groove • Gambler • Dress You Up • Live to Tell (edit) • Papa Don't Preach • True Blue • Open Your Heart • La Isla Bonita • Who's That Girl • Causing A Commotion • The Look of Love • Spotlight CD2 - 1989-1993 Like A Prayer • Express Yourself (Shep Pettibone Remix) • Cherish • Oh Father • Dear Jessie • Keep it Together (7" Remix) • Vogue • Hanky Panky • Justify My Love • Rescue Me • This Used to Be My Playground (Single Version) • Erotica • Deeper and Deeper (Edit) • Bad Girl • Fever (Edit One) • Rain • Bye Bye Baby (Madonna's Night on the Club Mix) CD3 - 1994-1999 I'll Remember • Secret (Edit) • Take A Bow • Bedtime Story • Human Nature • You'll See • One More Chance • Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Soulpower Remix) • You Must Love Me • Don't Cry for Me Argentina (Miami Mix Edit) • Another Suitcase In Another Hall • Buenos Aires (Te Amo Edit) • Frozen (Edit) • Ray of Light • Drowned World/Substitute for Love • The Power of Good-Bye • Nothing Really Matters • Beautiful Stranger CD4 - 2000-2007 American Pie • Music • Don't Tell Me • What It Feels Like for a Girl (Above & Beyond Edit) • Impressive Instant (Peter Rauhofer Edit) • GHV2 Megamix • Die Another Day • American Life • Hollywood • Nothing Fails • Love Profusion • Nobody Knows Me (Peter Rauhofer Edit) • Hung Up (edit) • Sorry • Get Together • Jump • Hey You CD5 - 2008-2018 4 Minutes • Give It 2 Me (edit) • Miles Away (edit) • Celebration (Benny Benassi Edit) • Revolver (David Guetta Mix) • Broken • Masterpiece • Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rocky Mix) • Girl Gone Wild • Turn Up the Radio • Superstar (Eddie Amador Edit) • Living for Love • Ghosttown • Bitch I'm Madonna • New Song • New Song • New Song
  4. ITS COMING... 🤗 CD / Digital download: 3-disc standard edition with 2 new tracks Special Edition Box Set: Entire Singles collection with 3 new tracks Limited Special Edition Vinyl: 6-vinyl collection Remastered Video Collection: 3-disc complete anthology
  5. 2018: The One and Only Madonna: Greatest Hits Volume 4 - to celebrate 35 years in the business and her 60th Birthday. Including new songs and a 3-CD anthology standard release and a Special Edition - Complete Singles Collection. Out Sept. The One and Only Madonna World Tour - worldwide but residencies in different continents for multiple shows in one venue. Aug to Nov with concert on Netflix in December. The One and Only Madonna: Live Blu-ray Box Set 1985-2018 - Virgin, Who’s That Girl, Blond Ambition, The Girlie Show, Drowned World (all SD Blu-ray, BA in HD if the Paris footage is entire and available) and Re-Invention, Confessions, S&S, MDNA, Rebel Heart and New Tour (all HD). By the sounds of it there is no album as yet but she did confirm she was inspired to create new music, but this could mean just a few songs for a Greatest Hits. She needs to celebrate her entire career and 2018 would be ideal timing! #dreaming
  6. Who gives a fuck about her wee belly??? She’s not fat, has gained a tiny bit of weight after having a year off to be with her family. She’s not that into her fitness as she used to be, she even admitted that she didn’t have enough time to train for the Rebel Heart Tour, this is probably why she wasn’t as agile and involved in the dancing as MDNA. Cut the woman some slack, she’s 60 in 9 months!
  7. That’s because they don’t get the humour and satire behind my posts. There is no difference between what I do and for example, Saturday Night Live. It’s funny and ironic. Get a sense of humour people!
  8. Thanks @walmart for the jean shorts. Love to @god for creating the field I’m walking the road less travelled by. Special Thanks to my Dad for buying me the nominations #idontcreateforthecharts #icreatefortheawards #narcassist #ibuyawards #ibuymagazinearticles #billboardismybitch #iloveyoga #ilovehorses #joan #iperformsoigetanom