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  1. I love Rupaul's Drag Race but that episode was so dull. I'm more excited to see what will be happening for episode 2
  2. I still cannot get over her remixing the song about rape. It's tasteless and disgusting. What next? A dubstep version of Tori Amos' Me & A Gun??? That's how stupid and inappropriate this is. Vile.
  3. She confirmed she did the photo shoot with Rolling Stone: "I did a photoshoot with Steven Klein for my last album cover, and I painted my face black, except for red lips and white eyes. It was a play on words. Have you ever heard of the Black Madonna? It has layers of meaning and for a minute, I thought it would be a fun title for my record. Then I thought, 'Twenty-five per cent of the world might get this, probably less, it's not worth it.' It happens all the time, because my references are usually off the Richter scale." http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/madonna-looks-back-the-rolling-stone-interview-20091029
  4. Love it! We need a remastered version of the album released this year - 25th anniversary with this and all the demos and remixes. Demos: Love Hurts, Shame, Goodbye to Innocence, Erotica (You Thrill Me), Dear Father, Jitterbug and You Are the One, Erotic Remixes: Erotica: KenLou B-Boy Mix and William Orbit 12" and Underground Club Mix Deeper and Deeper: David's Klub Mix and Shep's Classic 12" Bad Girl: Extended Mix Fever: Edit Two with 12" Intro, Extended 12", Peggy's Nightclub Mix, Peggy' Revenge Mix, Hot Sweat 12" Rain: Radio Remix, Razor & Guido Remix Up Down Suite: Dub Waiting: Remix feat. Everlast Bye Bye Baby: NY Hip Hop Mix, Madonna's Night On the Club
  5. How this has never ended up on an album (apart from that Italian singers cover) I will never know. If she gets around to releasing an Unreleased Collection, this needs to be a single. Beautful. Should have been on ROL!
  6. It's not really my favourite shows but I can see the amount of theatrical influence that was incorporated into the show. It had a Broadway/classic Hollywood musical feel to it. Some amazing parts but again, like some others have said, the set list was weak with much better songs on Erotica. I'm Going Bananas was one of her worst performances and just seemed so bizarre and out of place (I know it's meant that be a bit of fun but god it's pish!) Great performances: Fever, Rain, Express Yourself, Deeper and Deeper, Bye Bye Baby, La Isla Bonita, Holiday (but far too long), Justify My Love, Everybody OK performances: Erotica (a bit boring), Vogue (hated the lifeless choreography until the catwalk and ending), Whys It So Hard (wouldn't have picked it to be on the set list), In This Life (beautiful but it's not a concert song), Like A Wirgin (that accent, fun but spoils the song, Falling in Love Again is sublime) The crap: Im Going Bananas (one of her worst songs), The Beast Within (liked the concept but it did nothing for me, but it did introduce us to what would become the proper standalone interlude) Should have been on the Tour: Fever (with excerpts of Goodbye to Innocence), Bad Girl (her SNL performance was electric), Waiting, Words, Secret Garden (this would have been amazing live), Into the Groove (disco), Live to Tell (instead of In This Life), Like A Prayer (finale) My set list: Secret Garden/Erotica (Kenlou mix) mashup Fever (with Goodbye to Innocence) Vogue (better choreography) Rain Express Yourself Deeper and Deeper Into the Groove Live to Tell Words (dancer interlude, rearranged with highlighting of sound effects, gunfire) Bye Bye Baby (that intro should have opened this part of the show) Falling In Love Again (with Like A Virgin excerpts) - short version leading into next song Bad Girl Waiting La Isla Bonita Holiday Justify My Love Like A Prayer Everybody
  7. I don't think that's true at all. Adele, who is the biggest artist in the world at present has only made $167m from 107 shows (with another 15 shows to go). Madonna made $170m from 82 shows. If she did similar tours with shows into the hundreds, her gross would be massive. Can you imagine the gross of Sticky & Sweet if she did more and more shows. Rebel Heart was an arena only tour, the gross was very good. MDNA was an arena/stadium tour and S&S was predominantly a stadium tour, so this is the reason for the gross depletion.
  8. Here's what I think is happening: - It was Celebration, MDNA and GMAYL that killed her career in the UK. Most people didn't know that either was even released. By the time Rebel Heart was released it had been 8 years since her last (known by the GP) album, 6 years since Celebration (her last hit) and the charts had changed by then. If she had promoted Celebration and MDNA, RH would have faired much better. By this time people were simply not interested. If she couldn't be bothered people did the same unfortunately. - She left Warner Bros. and signed distribution with Interscope and Live Nation was only interested in the tours hence Super Bowl to sell bums on seats - She underestimated the power of promotion, did none in Europe and believed that because Sticky & Sweet was the massive tour it was, she was fine just to release a music video - GMAYL was too Super Bowl specific and should have been a promo only single for that - She believed that the Super Bowl would translate into international coverage enough to promote the single and album - She was too involved with tour rehearsals to care about the album, the tour was selling due to the Super Bowl - Her albums are now created with the vision of them being translated into world tours (look at the Rebel Heart demo, that was changed so it would work on tour) - She's now an album and touring artists, her singles career is gone. Sad but true. - Madonna demographic still want physical products, they do not stream or download as much as they buy CDs from supermarkets. - Rebel Heart should not have had different artwork (3 versions), the standard version was the common one available everywhere and it confused people when all the promo had the deluxe version on it. - Better artwork for the singles
  9. Is this an exclusive video of her watching one of her own performances? 😝
  10. None of her tour rights and performances belong to Warner Bros. She has the rights to them all through her own production companies (Boy Toy, Music Tours, Lucky Lou, Semtex Films etc) The only thing she doesn't own is Truth or Dare which sold to Miramax and had to pay them to use a clip in IGTTYAS.
  11. I reckon we are getting the DVD and a 35th Anniversary live box set. #praying