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  1. I want Joan of Arc as the fourth single but not the album version, I want the acoustic version which I absolutely love. Or release both versions. I doubt we will get another video unfortunately due to her being engrossed into the tour. Also the album sales are now dead in the water and the singles are not selling anything so I am even doubting if they will even bother with a fourth single at this stage
  2. Really like the video, love the editing and think it's fun, colourful and vibrant. It reminds me of Akerlund's work on Smack My Bitch Up but in a fun way and not as dark
  3. The clip includes a remix I wonder if it will be used in the video instead of the album version???
  4. This version is on my Special Edition playlist for the album. I don't understand why they wouldn't release this is as an Alternative Version on the single or include the Diplo Remix??? It was the same with LFL, why not include the brilliant demo as a Remix as it was so good??? Don't. Get. It....
  5. Yeah that's very weird but it happened to LMFAO and Far East Movement as well when they rapped on GMYAL and TUTR
  6. Love the photo mash up, her upper body is from the first one superimposed on the second ones body! Similar with him a mash up of both photos. Wasn't it Guy Oseary who took this photo?
  7. The image of her is fine but is too dull, it needs contrast and to be brighter. The motion blur effect behind her is amateur and cheap. The FontRape of the title is just an abomination and then use a lookalike font for the "feat Nicki Minaj -The Remixes" is just so unprofessional. This is why there is hate!
  8. That's me! I cannot explain how much the spine and back cover typography on the album gets me so pissed off!!! The use of the _ fucking pisses me off and the widow text aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!
  9. Thank you! You are very right about the "Bitch I'm Madonna" font use. Bitch - from the Unapologetic Bitch writing in the album inlay I' - from the album inlay cover writing of BIM m - from the Messiah writing in the album inlay Madonna - used everywhere on CDs and inlay apart from the BIM title used in the inlay, it's completely different This is why it looks so weird and is a bad design - should have used the one in the album inlay!
  10. I follow Aldo Diaz on Instagram and his work can be interesting sometimes with adding fantasy backgrounds to M photos. I am pleased for him to have got this experience but if they were going to pick a fan for the artwork they should have picked @bessnyc4, her work is punk rock!
  11. The most annoying thing about the cover is that I love all the handwritten text used throughout the Rebel Heart artwork, then they go and use a lookalike font (not handwritten) for "feat Nicki Minaj The Remixes"? Maybe I'm being too picky but that's the Graphic Designer in me!
  12. Yeah I hate all things Madonna, that's me! You've got it all right. That's why I've been a fan since 84, hater hater hater. Fortunately like a lot of intelligent fans with my own mind I have the privilege of being able to like and dislike things about Madonna. This cover is shit, Ghosttown was even worse, LFL don't even go there, appalling! Rebel Heart covers flawless! You see it is easy to have an opinion and not be one of the sheep. Baaaa!!!
  13. What the fuck with that cheap ass cover??? Bargain basement shit! Rainbow motion blur background WTF!!!! I could have done that in Photoshop in 2 minutes! They could at least changed the tone of the actual image to brighten it but just used the untouched one from Instagram! Someone needs firing! Remixes are blah I hope we get some better ones soon
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