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  1. Their own corporate greed of selling everything digitally has been their downfall. Then came streaming which has now killed downloading. I don't get how they make any money off streaming at all.
  2. At this rate, M might as well give away her next album for free. In the next few years albums will be lucky if they reach the 500k total worldwide (some are already struggling). It's sad as streaming and the digital age has completely killed the format. I don't buy any CDs unless it's for family members who still use them or if I am buying M's releases. Albums are done.
  3. Yay bish!
  4. Wow that's horrendous. Albums don't sell shit anymore. They should just give them away free.
  5. Swish Seish would have made an excellent video and single release
  6. Where is the Swish Swish video???
  7. I wasn't saying Witness was anything like Erotica. I was simply mentioning that I felt this was her Erotica era with her rebelling against what other pop artists are doing and being more unpopular as a result. The albums are nothing like each other.
  8. Wrong cover. Just saying. Back cover should have been the cover
  9. Yeah but 16k in the UK is a big bomb. She's barely making the Top 5 in most countries. I think she's only made #1 in the US. It's a shame as the album is great. She needs to be commended on taking a risk and doing something different. This is her rebellious Erotica era and I love it.
  10. I got mine through the preorder from her website in order to get tickets. It's only available at Target, Japan and UK
  11. Deluxe version of the album
  12. Well done Katy! This album is her growing, evolving and become a mature artist. She's not following the tropical house bandwagon and taking a risk. This is like her Like A Prayer in the sense she's growing her sound outside of her comfort zone and not giving a fuck what others think. This album has been a pleasant surprise. Gaga must be trashing a room somewhere wishing she'd come up with the goods like Katy has done ✅
  13. Let's see the receipts then honey. All we get is your TicketBus™ outside your concerts or you trying to promote your single through manipulating kids at a community centre. Let's see the projects, let's see the actual campaigns... Bitch only got a website and YouTube page
  14. For a woman who keeps promoting herself as an activist, she sure likes to affiliate with immoral consumer capitalist companies. In the UK, I won't even go into a Starbucks because they are tax avoiders. She really has no clue at all. Dumbass.
  15. It doesn't help that it's constantly on radio all the time and still it's bombing 🤣