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  1. They can use any of these if they get the permission from the publishers. But they will have to use another vocalist. There's no way in hell they are getting their hands on her musical recordings without her permission.
  2. We fact-checked the Madonna film script: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-39730585
  3. Well it's obvious she has to approve any releases and use of her work. Since she left Warner Bros. we've only had a studio albums box set and vinyl reissues. If she didn't have that control, we would have had Hits collections galore ala Mariah, Michael, Britney etc. The proof is there!
  4. Madonna has to approve all releases and use of her work. She gave the permission for Glee to use her work. She's no fool, she has it written into her leaving contract the use of her work and her permission.
  5. What the fuck with all those fillers? What a hot mess. She looks like Wayne
  6. Maybe Paris Jackson is being geared up for the role...
  7. I wouldnt worry about this car crash of a film. She's not going to OK any of her music in the film so it will fail miserably. Madonna: Innocence Lost 2 - coming soon!
  8. Oh well you're entitled to your opinion. I believe some of the fanmade artwork was amazing and 100% better than the final choice #justsayin
  9. MDNA was Madonna's attempt at being artistic. It failed miserably, was an awful cover, awful design and very low quality, pixelated b/w images used throughout. It must have taken an hour to design the whole thing. The design had nothing to do with the tour, had no appeal for the casual buyer and that's why it sold nada worldwide. She needs a fan in charge!
  10. I know let's take a low quality screen grab of a random interlude video, photoshop out the boxing ring on stage and add a fake crowd. It's like self sabotage
  11. That's what I don't get is that S&S and MDNA were so awful and at no point did they think, would the general public want to buy this or be attracted to it? It's beggars believe!
  12. Hopefully Elton has given her a big cuddle recently... 🤣
  13. I love the fact she wrote a song about her friends cancer by promoting alcohol and encouraging others drink their problems away????? What a fucking idiot!!!!!!!
  14. I think this is too well designed (even though it's actually very poor). The final design would look more like this: