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  1. TMZ just showed a Pulse survivor calling out on Madonna's God Control video. Come on. Yes this is graphic, this is disturbing and probably hard to see for people who survived similar tragedies. And that's exactly the point....WE all need to wake up and see that something like that could happen anytime, anywhere...and it's brutal and has to stop. Sorry for my English
  2. I would like to know the same thing. I didn't have the chance to watch the premiere of the video and the Q&A.
  3. Was Eurovision the last live promo performance before the album release?
  4. Do you really think she's not training her voice anymore? At all? I love the performance but I'm a bit concerned about her voice health.
  5. True ...but she was literally glowing yesterday
  6. Autotuned? it's in perfect synchro with the video
  7. In italy everyone is talking about the fine she has got from Eurovision because of the flags.
  8. She sounds different in this video or it is just me? BTW I loved the performance.
  9. Hi guys I'll be at Ziggo Dome on the 6th (Actually i'll be in Turin as well this sunday) . Can't wait. I saw Confession's in Amsterdam in the golden circle and it was truly amazing. I love Dutch people and i love Amsterdam. They are cool and easy going.
  10. Even the tones of the pictures reflects a more "soft" side of her attitude.... love everything about it
  11. The pic with the tv... <3 Bad Girl vibes!!! She's incredible!
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