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  1. Just terrible. I was at at exactly that spout just two days ago.
  2. You're doing exactly what conspiracy theorists do (not saying you are one). You're replying with questions instead of answering them. What do they have in common? Speak up, or are you afraid someone will call you a racist? Because you are obviously implying it is the refugee status of three of these people. Yes, axe guy in the train, the "machete" guy (turns out it was a döner knife and there was a connection to the victim) and the suicide bomber are refugees. The Munich shooter wasn't. What does that tell us? That they are refugees. Not much more. That all four are Muslims? They are. What does that tell us? That they believe in Allah. Not much more. So again my question. What pattern? There have been mass shootings in Germany (have you forgotten about Winneden and Erfurt for example?) There have been knife/machete attacks in the middle of a city in the past, more than once. I'm not downplaying any of these incidents. They are all terrible and scary. But like it or not, each one of them has to be investigated thoroughly and individually. There are way more differences in each of these incidents than there are similarities. Generalizations simply because there are some similarities are not helpful. They only contribute to making society more afraid, more hysterical and more radical. Just look at Donald Trump supporters. Scare tactics without any factual reasoning has turned people into monsters. I for one don't want that here and I will always speak up against it.
  3. What pattern? It's easy to throw something out there and not elaborate. That's called conspiracy theory. If you say there's a pattern, then I'm sure you can give some factual details on it.
  4. Exactly. It's social media hysteria. As horrific as each one of these incidents has been, there is nothing that connects them. There is a press conference regarding the Munich incident happening right now and it's very clear, that this was an isolated event. Sometimes similar things just happen in a short period of time but that doesn't mean that they are connected.
  5. Sorry, that's simply not true. The media is constantly reporting about all the incidents that have happened in Germany in the past week. Nobody is downplaying anything and for once, they are actually doing their job, reporting facts as they become clear and trying to avoid pure speculation. If you look at the incidents in the past week, you can easily see that they all need to viewed differently. They are NOT connected. There is no coordinated "attack" happening in Germany. Conspiracy theories, as convenient as they may be, are not helpful in a situation like this. There is too little detailed, factual information about each incident to come to a final conclusion.
  6. The turkish flag was projected on to the Brandenburg Gate yesterday. Berlin and Istanbul have a city partnership.
  7. The lgbt community organized a vigil in Berlin tonight. The Brandenburg Gate was lit in the rainbow colors. Thousands attended. It was very impressive and sad at the same time. More pics and videos in my Instagram: wunderkindbln
  8. I wish I had saved all the comments from people she worked with, put them all together and just share them for haters everywhere.
  9. Such a great song. What really baffles me is how her team managed to screw up its chart performance, at least here in Germany. The song would have reached the top 10 instantly by track individual downloads only, had they actually registered it for the charts before the official release date. But by the time they registered it, those downloads didn't count anymore. Such a shame.
  10. I wanted to listen to one song (Body Shop) last night. Ended up listening to the entire album :-) it's simply too good to stop after just one song :-)
  11. I read it was in a big tent so the music can probably be heard in quite a distance. But Bitch, she's Madonna.
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