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  1. You know, honestly I didn't even pay attention to that.
  2. Just heard BIM twice within a 30 minute span on the largest urban radio station in Houston! Come thru Madonna!
  3. Are you stalking me? I came across the story and thought it worth discussing here. If you've got a problem with that then you'll just have to stay mad
  4. What's all this now? http://thatgrapejuice.net/2015/05/did-drake-call-madonna-six-million-year-old-dinosaur/
  5. I don't know why folks are trippin'. If they would've panned the camera just slightly to the left, they would've realized all the poor creature wanted was a good rinse off.
  6. And I may have something for you.. you pre-empted me with that comment, but watch this space....!

  7. ckw25

    LOL aww...they're not so bad

  8. ryan

    I can't fathom a full album of hers, it turns me stomach. I feel heartburn coming on, it's like my arteries are being clogged.

  9. ckw25

    And you call yourself a music fan! Go and google Mimi's "Dreamlover". I expect a full report when you're done!

  10. ryan

    Sorry, don't know that one. How about Heartbreaker, the Remix?

    Guess who's back in the motherfuqin house

    With 2 big ol' tities fo yo mouf

  11. ckw25

    Now Dreamlover come and rescue me! Take me up! Take me down! Take me anywhere you want to baby!

  12. ckw25

    No you did good! Mimi is in my top 5 LOL

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