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  1. Don't forget the lack of rhythm and self awareness.
  2. She doesn't have the same widespread, crossgenerational appeal as Samantha.
  3. What about the closeted fan on the blue chemise? "Yaaaaaasss Samantha!!! Oh wait, people are looking. Let's pretend I'm just reading a magazine."
  4. Well she was friends with Bowie. That makes her cool by default despite the misguided friendship with 🐍
  5. It's been established he's the same person as Nicki Minaj, whatever that means/ pr mplicates. Look it up.
  6. Samantha is down with the kids. Your fave wishes.
  7. Is she still wearing the fat suit and it covers her neck and face?
  8. This friday this British guy was chatting to a friend from Poland and me in a club. From what he said he's been living in Madrid for a while so we got into the whole Brexit thing and the guy says the downside is that the poles might potentially leave as "somebody's got to keep the toilet cleans". Felt so much second hand embarrassment. I know such xenophobic remark doesn't represent all brits but reminded me why things have gotten to this point there.
  9. As far as I remember she doesn't have a song with that name. Maybe All Nite (Don't Stop)?
  10. Looks like she is the New Madonna after all.
  11. Poor thing has been vacuumed more than an old sofa.
  12. So did she and her people, hence jancelling Venus LOL. Thing is at one point you could've thought the flopage was fuelled by the release of songs that did not sound like what radio was playing, but now she's literally created a Frankenstein of some of the biggest recent hits, adding some Mariah Carey redux for good measure and it flopped even harder. It looks like people are seriously over her and she could release Despacito and it still would flop.
  13. I think her cover of Christina Aguilera's Your Body could have been a hit had she not decided to be cuntroversial and do the whole rape fantasy video with a rapist.
  14. You do know you're using the Shakira thread to ramble about Alejandra Guzman right?
  15. Most recent #1 in Spain: Shakira: Chantaje (2016) Thalia: Desde Esa Noche (2016) Paulina: Mi Nuevo Vicio (2015) I don't think Alejandra Guzman has ever had a #1 hit in Spain so I won't include her.
  16. This. It's all about the US album version.
  17. Inspired in the thread in the Madonna section, have you ever met any of the infamous flop princesses? Share your stories here.
  18. So I did a little graph to show and put a little context in how some singers are more dependant on specific producers than others, grouping the main collaborators of the US / UK #1 hits of Janet and some of her contemporaries. In the case of Janet there are no UK #1s included because she's had none so far.
  19. #1 singles by Janet not produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis: 0 #1 singles produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis not performed by Janet: 7
  20. Like I said, despite coming from two platinum certified albums both Ashlee and Aaron were dropped after their first flop. Janet had not one but two mega flops in a row with her first two albums yet stayed signed.
  21. Considering their last US #1 is more recent than hers and that they produced US #1 singles for people like George Michael, Mariah Carey, Usher and Boyz II Men, that's debatable.
  22. Considering she released this song independently in 2013 I doubt she has other options: Janet has been given chances other siblings with a more solid catalogue successwise were not given.
  23. I don't think Jessica Simpson can get a record label at this stage, much less her flop sister.
  24. Like I said, they come from a time where after the slightest sign of decline if you don't have connections a la Gaga the record label pulls the plug. Janet was lucky because in the 80s the labels were more invested. Ashlee however can claim all of her albums went top 5 in the US and all but one went platinum. Ashlee also has more platinum certifications in the US than Janet in the last 15 years.