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  1. Reminds me of the ending of this classic performance Go to 3:35 if you don't want to waste time
  2. https://www.instagram.com/tomfayy/ https://www.instagram.com/zacharypittas/
  3. So yeah, both have been to New York already, the have likely seen Kylie too. But they want to do both at the same time, together and using other people's money...
  4. Is there a Gaga leftover in Golden or something? Why is she bringing her up everywhere?
  5. Having "dated" Toilet is the easiest way of knowing if a male celebrity is gay nowadays.
  6. At this stage she certainly belongs here? Last top 10 was in 2008 and hasn't toured since the Back to Basics era. Now she's a TV judge and probably can't even get a Vegas residency. Trash bin.
  7. Are they bundling it with Dua Lipa's and Ed Weasley's and sell it for 4.99?
  8. It was the same year as this: Definitely live and trying to make a point. Too bad.
  9. Concealing the mic pack inside her wardrobe making her look thicker than what she already was at that time was throwing herself to the lions press wise, for instance. Wardrobe overall wasn't well thought out. For the first third of the performance most people would not even know who she was in the middle of the choreography. I get what they were trying to do but a four/five minutes performance at an awards show wasn't the place for that.
  10. One of the reasons the Vibeology performance is so off is the bad sync and mix between her vocals and the backing singers'
  11. GO PAULA! GO PAULA! GO GO GO PAULA! [/album version] I miss that bit on the single mix.
  12. I was thinking the same. By today's weak standards it's A class.
  13. Oooh Ah-work-it pay-pee Ah-gimme-that-viibe!
  14. Loved it. So much better than Janet too.
  15. Let's remember Kylie performing with Ricky Martin. She's always been a Latin girl at heart 😉
  16. Next she'll be caught on camera molesting panda babies.
  17. You are assuming she had something to do with choosing the name of the album. Based on the interviews it's kinda obvious someone in charge chose it and she has no idea of the meaning.
  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1277717/Kylie-Minogue-attends-Lady-Gaga-s-birthday-Joshua-Sasse.html They were kind enough to edit out the part where they kept her out for a while now knowing who she was. But you can see how they actually let the other guests in and closed the door on her.
  19. Dua Lipa looked helpless trying to do some of the choreography but Rica Oral made her look like Blond Ambition Madonna.
  20. DUA LIPA

    Even if I liked the Brits performance she really can't dance. The last batch of female singers is completely helpless in that field.