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  1. Thing is, they edited it down to fit the timeslot. There IS a longer edit already done.
  2. I don't get why some loons are out in a rampage trying to force every YouTuber who does reaction videos to watch Frozen. It IS a brilliant video and song, especially if you were there: it was the start of a new Madonna chapter and was pretty mindblowing for my 16 year old self back in the day. However, from my experience, Orbit's stuff doesn't work as well without its context and most people who didn't "live" the ROL era tend to be rather oh, well, it's nice towards songs like Frozen.
  3. Seriously fucked up. I couldn't believe what happened in Cambrils this morning when I heard it. Sad, fucked up times we're living in.
  4. The Ciao Italia and Drowned World Tour DVDs are different edits from what was shown on TV at the time as well.
  5. Her fan base demographic sure changed all of a sudden:
  6. What has she done on her birthday? I remember she premiered the You and I video. What else?
  7. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    No idea. Maybe because they are not doing much? Last I heard they were touring with NKOTB or something like that. However they also had the (shared) record for longest #1 until "One Sweet Day" broke the record a couple of years afterwards. They were probably the key reason for why "One Sweet Day" stayed on top for so long, they had a massive fanbase back then in the US.
  8. We should all post this back on her Twitter #ladygagablackface
  9. Camila Cabello

    All this amounts to a #47 peak in the Hot 100. Just saying.
  10. Camila Cabello

    Camella Caballo.
  11. No. The DVD is the Showtime broadcast. Period. You will be able to order it + a t shirt on her official store though as a special bundle for the fans, cause THAT is what we want. T-shirts.
  12. Ke$ha

    But she really wasn't. Last studio album had a Hot 100 #2 hit, and her Pitbull collab hit #1 in the US and basically everywhere afterwards. Sure Warrior wasn't a mega smash of an era for her but she's just been absent afterwards. Looks like it has worked in her favor.
  13. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Her longest solo #1 is 14 weeks and it would be shared with Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You (+Elton's Candle in the Wind and a few group and collaboration singles like Uptown Funk and Macarena so bragging rights wochartuld have to be kept at a minimum). Most #1s for a solo artist... that would mean she would have to stop counting I'll Be There, One Sweet Day, Heartbreaker, Thank God I Found You, etc.
  14. Like a Prayer Express Yourself Oh Father
  15. Can i see her ???

    That is exactly what a stalker would say. Hmmm. J/k.
  16. He's a Celine Dion fan. So go figure.
  17. Can i see her ???

    She usually stops if you ask her to sign a copy of "Life with my sister Madonna".
  18. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    I guess she peaked popularity wise during Newlyweds. She also went country for a while.
  19. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Blow Me One Last Kiss, lead single from her previous album debuted at number 58 and peaked at number 5 in the Hot 100. Just Like Fire, her soundtrack single from last year entered the Hot 100 at number 42 and peaked at number 10. It took 4 weeks for So What to top the charts and 8 weeks for Raise Your Glass to achieve that spot. Those are her only solo #1s so far.
  20. P!nk

    How come it's called Beautiful Disaster yet the cover says Beautiful Trauma?
  21. Born This Way premiered in February 11th 2011. Invading My Mind leaked in March 17th 2011. Judas premiered in April 15th 2011.
  22. Ok ok so she begged Redone to credit her in a song she had nothing to do with to cover up that Judas sounded just like it and OKd allowing her to release one of her leftovers in exchange (and to look involved in that project)???? LOL so lame.
  23. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    So will the US posters buy and stream Despacito in the next few weeks?
  24. Are you for real? Even several of her single covers show her smoking (some of them in black and white btw).