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  1. Hugs, kisses and looots of positive vibes back to you, Peter! xoxo
  2. Sure, last nights performance wasn't her best but it is what it is. It's the past now and I'm living in the present, in the now. I'm choosing to be grateful that M is still around and creating her art. I don't read papers, watch tv, look for the news and so I don't read all the negative stuff they are writing/saying. Why hurt yourself with all that low energy? " Positive vibes" only!!! Like M is singing in Future. Wake up. You choose how you feel and react. Advise, positive vibes (positive vibes) Open your mind (open your mind) Open your eyes
  3. Here's a different clip with Debi doing some moves from the True Blue video.. https://instagram.com/p/71x1H1puap/
  4. Judging the workshop clip, it looks like there might be some sort of (illuminated?) slanting stage/floor:
  5. A little birdie told me that she will go to to South America in May next year.
  6. She's amazing! I'm seeing live her again next week.. can't wait! Here's a better clip with M's Vogue sample starting around 3:00
  7. Happy New Year to you too!! xo

  8. Happy New Year, darling! xoxo

  9. I saw Kiesza live in Amsterdam tonight (she was awesome!) and she did a little bit of Vogue! Here's a link to a clip of it from my Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/vHY9yLHhAT/
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