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  1. Happy New Year to you too!! xo

  2. Happy New Year, darling! xoxo

  3. Singer/ Writer /Producer/ Manager, Martin Kierzsenbaum of Cherry Tree Records, while promoting his new single, A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE, tells OUT Q's Larry Flick about collaborating with Natalia Kills on new music with Madonna. https://soundcloud.com/siriusxmentertainment/madonna-natalia-kills-and-martin-kieszenbaum-write-new-music-together
  4. No, I can't say that the thought of him working on M's new album excites me but I'm still open to be surprised by brilliant music. Let's hope that they focus on the guitar/acoustic stuff and not on cheap euro sounds/beats.
  5. ^^ He's ready for it.. https://nl-nl.facebook.com/JoeHenryLovesYouMadly
  6. For people who are wondering what Patrick Leonard has being doing recently... he wrote and produced a song for/with Dutch singer Ilse DeLange. The song is called Blue Bittersweet and it was released last year. Many people thought this was a Madonna/Daft Punk song when it was released here in the Netherlands...
  7. one year - I passed more than the half and I will end it on 25 May

  8. yes babe , im still in the army but im on vacation now :)

    1. LoveBoxx


      How much longer do you have to serve? You look good in your uniform! ;)

  9. Beautiful

    1. LoveBoxx


      Spazzie!!!!! How are you doing? Are you still in the army?

  10. Yay! You're back! Been missing the lovely LoveBoxx. So glad you're enjoying the new Goldfrapp, too. :)

    1. LoveBoxx


      Aww thank you! Yes! I love the new album! I've got tickets to see them live in Amsterdam in October. :D

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