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  1. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    @todsmod Even HARD CANDY MADONNA sounds better than that atrocity.
  2. Two MAGNIFICENT songs from the Chapter II of her career. Millions of years away from The Immaculate Collection. Only Madonna could ever do.
  3. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    But the live version
  4. Let’s discuss her vocals on Future Lovers

    But again. Who is Nigel?
  5. Wow, like idol like fan. An asshole just like Janet.
  6. I don't think I have ever read anything more revolting than that. What a fucking asshole you are.
  7. Pathological liar just like Janet herself. No different from a Little Monster as well
  8. Lies, lies, lies. Denial, denial, denial. Victimhood, victimhood, victimhood. It never stops.
  9. The reason being Janet Jackson is essentially a cunt, an asshole, a sex maniac herself who shamelessly tried to slut-shame Madonna, she can't stand the fact that she's nowhere near the level of Madonna in terms of artistry and success despite she's MJ's sister, and NOW she's like an aging passive-aggressive leech that won't go away from the industry, continuously tried to do concerts, cried fake tears and many idiots out there are still too blind to acknowledge ugly truths about this pathetic pornographic miming puppet. And her genuine shitness breeds sad, bitter, pressed people like her fanbase. Personality-wise she's almost like the black Lady Gaga.
  10. The audacity of you to tell todsmod to "calm down"? Who the fuck are you to dictate him? None of Hognet's fans could ever defend her "class". Because essentially this cunt is CLASSLESS
  11. I don't know. "sad" and "pressed" are words that should be reserved for people whose idol failed to be inducted into R&RHOF. Definitely not MADONNA fans Wow, really, go fuck yourself. Do you actually realize how HATEFUL Janet Jackson is? It's not even an opinion, it's a fucking FACT.
  12. Aouwww thank you MADONNA for NOT standing by Janet over the Nipplegate. She just had "no opinion" about the whole thing. Hognet Suckson is nothing more than just a tiny useless particle in M's worldview.
  13. And there are idiots who still firmly BELIEVE, blindly, that Janet is the better artist, the more talented one, the classier one, the real queen etc, and will use any names possible to put Madonna down. And don't ever dare to hurt Janet, she must be protected by any means. Janet, Whitney, MJ, Mariah, whoever, will be brought to go against the Fortress of Pop that is Madonna. All M's haters do that, it's the same old trick used all the time.
  14. Corrected it for you. Just like Cuntga, this thing does NOT deserve a "bitch" or its variant "bish".
  15. "Madonna hasn't done anything worthwhile since 1994". So I guess this excrement is better than "Ray of Light" (1998), "Get Together" (2005), and "Devil Pray" (2015). Wow, just wow. What a fucking despicable trash. Any human being with good judgment in music should hold her in deep contempt.
  16. Yes, and it's invalid to say that she has a career spanning more than 25 years. If she ever gets inducted into the R&RHOF, it's a fucking fraud of an induction.
  17. It must have been extremely devastating to be a devoted fan of any non-Madonna female pop acts. I mean, you dedicate your life to the lessers - having a miserable life is a choice.
  18. Yes, yes, yes. Janet is a loser, and her fans are losers too. Madonna is a superhuman who operates on a level that these worshipers of victimhood could never comprehend.
  19. Thank you very much. I do admit that I used "harsh" words but she rightfully deserves them all. Her fans have said way worse things about Madonna for years and my comments here are nothing compared to their loathsome, sickening behavior. I wasn't being unkind at all so I'm not going to apologize. I can't tolerate seeing such A SHIT VETERAN MIMING ACT gets praises and adoration for without even doing anything decent.
  20. It's always hard to decide. Which one is more hateful: Cuntga The Liar OR Little Monsters (Who Love Being Lied to by Cuntga).
  21. And yes, my hatred towards this vile, ugly, talentless, whorish, idiotic creature has been intensified after I watched that clip where she "tried to sing" and "cried". Try to sell your fucking fake tears now? Seriously Janet why don't you just vanish and go the fuck away from this universe?