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  1. You really have an attitude problem do you?

  2. Check your PM sweetheart! 🙏

  3. You really have a problem do you? 

    1. idro


      Why? I quoted you cause your quote was damn funny

      We mey have different opinion sometimes but that s it 

      Did I ever call you names or being rude to you? 

  4. Check your PM babe! 🙏

  5. Check your PM!! I talked about Janet 🙏🏻

  6. Check your PM babe!

  7. "Great song and video"

    You really have a problem with me don't you? Have you seen your doctor recently? 


    1. Creepy Insane Person

      Creepy Insane Person

      Do you really think I’m gonna be scared of you and bow down to you and worship you like a god? I rather cut my wrist off and stab my eyes with a knife then be scared of you...

  8. I mean Gaza is an open-air prison. And let's NOT talk about the dire condition of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon - the people and their descendants who were forced to leave their homeland by the Jewish militias back in 1948. Really.
  9. Doesn't erase the fact that the REAL cause of the Palestinian people is to liberate themselves from the Zionist apartheid regime.
  10. The entire country is occupied Palestine.
  11. Which Israeli town do you live in - I guess it's a mixed area?
  12. Check your PM!!!

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