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  1. Check your PM!!

  2. Check yourrr PM!

  3. Yes me too, and I don't even like those Harry Porter bullshits,
  4. Kurt check your PM!

  5. Kurt check your PM! 

  6. Check your PM!!!

  7. Why was George Floyd arrested in the first place? What had he done?
  8. Have fucked off from this forum for good. . .good. 

  9. The fire has made "Faz Gostoso" a bit heartbreaking to listen to. A crime against the entire world.
  10. I want to hug youuu!! :cries:

  11. Check your PM!! I miss youuu 

  12. Enjoy your fucking banning. 

  13. Check your PM!!!

  14. Get your birthday gift in the PM!!

  15. Check yo PM biatch

  16. Check your PM! 

  17. Have you totally fucked off from this forum? Hopefully that is the case. 

  18. My latest assessment: 

    WIFLFAG will be removed from the Dove playlist! It needs another playlist to have its proper place, LOL. 

    And I found that "Time Stood Still" doesn't really fit Sapphire either. 

    Rogue and Sangria have to be reworked a lot. 

    The M Playlist Project is yet to be finalized! But fret not, I am completely satisfied with Onyx, Scarlet, Raven, while Azure and Emerald have been combined with some changes in the sequencing (check the PM). 

  19. Hope you enjoyed your warning and suspension, troll. 

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