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  1. It's too bad Hollywood wasn't the lead off single, American Life always seemed to me like a 3rd or 4th single, but I guess she intented to make a statement off the top with that video.
  2. Deeper and Deeper Open Your Heart Rescue Me Nothing Really Matters Oh Father
  3. I am still suprised Janet wasn't able to attract bigger audiences with her last tour. Her last couple albums underperformed, but usually people will still come to hear the classics. It'll be interesting to see how her next tour shapes up.
  4. Here's some pics of the opening: http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Photo_Coverage_Material_Girl_Clothing_Line_Launch_20000101 It looks like most of those looks were best left in the '80s.
  5. Where did she recycle stuff? Drowned World, not that it's not enjoyable, but it's not as fun as attending an up tempo show like Confessions or S&S.
  6. That's what I'm hoping for! It's been pretty boring news wise for Madonna since last August when her tour ended, I wish the album was coming out this fall...
  7. I know, it is a bit much. When I saw her last summer the stage seemed so small, in the Confessions DVD they make it seem gigantic. I wonder if Truth or Dare will be re-issued again...
  8. For some reason she always acts like she doesn't know whats going on with her career... she claims she didn't know she had a fan club, even though she supposedly writes yearly letters for it.
  9. This is a great collection! It's a shame the way it's being sold though, why would you keep this stuff in a storage bin anyway?
  10. And you call yourself a Madonna fan..
  11. I really enjoyed this episode! My favourite part was the Borderline/OYH mash up.
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