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  1. I was on the metro back home when I saw her Instagram post, luckily I live near Republique so I switched lines quickly and caught the last two minutes of Like a Prayer. I had some luck on my side, as normally I can never get cell service in the metro! She was on my side as she walked back to her car so I walked beside her and said Paris Loves You Madonna! What a special unexpected moment! Also got a selfie with Gaultier after!
  2. Is there going to be a numbering system for early entry tomorrow? Was that a thing in every European city?
  3. I have a friend selling one, I will message him and PM you.
  4. I am selling a general admission ticket for the show in Amsterdam on December 6. PM me if your interested!
  5. I am selling a general admission ticket for the second show - PM me if you are interested!
  6. Can't wait!!! If anyone is waiting in the early entry line - look for me in the Dita t-shirt!!! Deeper and Deeper BETTER BE THERE!
  7. My friend who I met on the Icon board and went to the MDNA Seattle shows with was the Unapologetic bitch! She deserved it... mega fan!!!
  8. Does anyone know what time the doors open for early access and/or plain general admission tickets? It just says 8:00 on my tickets, but I imagine they must open the doors earlier?
  9. Cologne (2 shows), Amsterdam (2 shows) and Paris (2 shows)! It is a long day waiting in front of the venue to get in so it would be great to meet up with people!
  10. If anyone has an icon code they would be willing to let me use for the pre-sale for Cologne I would really appreciate it! I'm in Canada now and I hate staying up until 3 AM to get the ticket.
  11. I bought the same ticket as you and they sent me an email confirming the purchase, but it sounds like they are going to be mailing the ticket.
  12. This is why I always have to end up going to her shows alone, none of my other 22 year old friends are going to shell out that amount of cash. Of course being the loon that I am I do it multiple times...
  13. Thanks for answering. I did the same. Too bad for the first show I was able to just print my tickets.
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