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  1. JonathanBB

    Grace Jones thread

    Got my book signed tonight... she was only an hour late this time. Had about a minute chat with her, I think there were less people than the NYC event. She was wearing the pink earring from the french tv show... love it!
  2. JonathanBB

    Grace Jones thread

    Yeah I read your experience with the book signing... so stupid. Fuck waiting all day - I guess I will just casually go and check it out.
  3. JonathanBB

    Grace Jones thread

    She is doing a book signing Friday night in Paris... hopefully she's on time... I wonder what time I should line up?
  4. JonathanBB

    New Mylène Farmer/Sting Collaboration

    Anyone have a download link?
  5. JonathanBB

    New Mylène Farmer/Sting Collaboration

    Her fonts are always quite cheesy, you would think with the attention to detail she puts into her shows she would put a bit more effort into the album and single covers...
  6. JonathanBB

    New Mylène Farmer/Sting Collaboration

    I like her new song! It is strange that it is a re-working of a previous Sting song though?
  7. JonathanBB

    Stevie Nicks!!

    I recently got into her solo music after I saw Fleetwood Mac last May. She has so many great songs - Stand Back, Edge of Seventeen, Sorcerer, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. She did an episode of Oprah's Next Chapter, I think it was called, that is worth watching!
  8. It's too bad Hollywood wasn't the lead off single, American Life always seemed to me like a 3rd or 4th single, but I guess she intented to make a statement off the top with that video.
  9. JonathanBB

    Pick 5 songs you want her to perform on the next tour

    Deeper and Deeper Open Your Heart Rescue Me Nothing Really Matters Oh Father
  10. JonathanBB

    Guy Oseary is pissed...

  11. JonathanBB

    Is there a 2nd backlash?

    I am still suprised Janet wasn't able to attract bigger audiences with her last tour. Her last couple albums underperformed, but usually people will still come to hear the classics. It'll be interesting to see how her next tour shapes up.
  12. Here's some pics of the opening: http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Photo_Coverage_Material_Girl_Clothing_Line_Launch_20000101 It looks like most of those looks were best left in the '80s.
  13. JonathanBB

    Her LEAST exciting tour

    Where did she recycle stuff? Drowned World, not that it's not enjoyable, but it's not as fun as attending an up tempo show like Confessions or S&S.
  14. That's what I'm hoping for! It's been pretty boring news wise for Madonna since last August when her tour ended, I wish the album was coming out this fall...