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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually took videos from itunes for this shitty shit
  2. I don't like the album version of Voices, either.... however, the orchestral version is just perfect!
  3. don't know if someone already posted this, but the guy that's been posting all the info @ mfanzine bought the amaray version of the dvd... someone else pointed that amazon has 2 age recomendations: amaray case is for age 12 and digipack is for age 16... so MAYBE there's some hope for JML uncesored??? haha yeah, very unlikely, but hey, it's only wishful thinking! anyway, it's all about I Want You FINALLY on DVD!!!
  4. lol I don't care if she never has a top 10 single ever again, anywhere in the world. I just want her to perform because she's so good doing it and I want to download that performance in HQ and watch it over and over again hehe, not because I want her to do promo and reach #1 or #99, whatever.
  5. this is kinda off-topic, but is she still doing X Factor or is that still a rumor?? it'd be great if she does that in the UK and SNL in the US.
  6. probably lol. so let's hope they fuck up the ones that are already released on 93:99 (not the ones on TIC, those videos really need a remaster) or the ones that are easy to find online. hehe.
  7. lol I'm not even gonna listen to the album, at least no more than maybe 2 times... I'm getting it just because of the beautiful artwork and because well, i CAN'T NOT have this release. This is something i bet a lot of fans will do... Yes, the remaster of most songs is great, so i'm keeping/copying those versions for my computer/ipod. The fucked up tracks: Music, it's a song from 2000, a remaster was not REALLY necessary anyway... Erotica, if i'm not even going to listen to the album, i mean it's easy to fix for my computer/ipod... and Express Yourself... well yeah, that's one hot mess lol but
  8. Cooka

    What a Dump

    wtf is this thread???
  9. yeah, it's already a big BIG surprise that it's a double dvd. i'm so getting it!
  10. god, it would be so great if she does SNL. i hope it's true!!!
  11. since I don't think it's very possible that madge's gonna do a new song for the GH with warner, wouldn't it be cool if they use Beat Goes On to promote the compilation? maybe with a really cheap video or mixing the backdrop videos from BGO and Get Stupid... but oh well.... don't think it's going to happen.
  12. Open Your Heart Bad Girl Cherish Nothing Really Matters Dress You Up or Angel Hollywood or Love Profusion Get Together You'll See Deeper And Deeper
  13. beautiful stranger!!!! can't wait for the youtube video!!!!
  14. wow!!! American Life!!! can't wait for the youtube clip!!!!
  15. It's beyond everything. so dramatic, so powerful, so epic. Too bad Akerlund is not directing the DVD, he would've made something spectacular with this one.
  16. haha ok, whatever baby. i'll post in december or something.

  17. haha fuck you! i don't want to post anything. i only like to post when M is in between projects. i'm bored with so much negativity around here. anyway... kisses!

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