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  1. MadonnaNation's top videos (based on how many times the video has been mentioned on this thread as the favorite/one of the favorites)

    Like A Prayer - 14 mentions

    Bad Girl - 10 mentions

    Rain - 6 mentions

    Open Your Heart - 5 mentions

    Oh Father - 5 mentions

    Express Yourself - 5 mentions

    Vogue - 5 mentions

    Ray Of Light - 4 mentions

    I Want You - 4 mentions

    Bedtime Story - 3 mentions

    Hollywood - 3 mentions

    Human Nature - 3 mentions

    What It Feels Like For A Girl - 3 mentions

    Frozen - 3 mentions

    Take A Bow - 3 mentions

    Borderline - 2 mentions

    The Power Of Good-Bye - 2 mentions

    Justify My Love - 2 mentions

    Die Another Day - 2 mentions

    Hung Up - 2 mentions

    Nothing Really Matters - 2 mentions

    Videos with just one mention:

    Beautiful Stranger

    Get Together



    Don't Tell Me

    Material Girl

    Drowned World/Substitute For Love

    Lucky Star



    Deeper And Deeper

    La Isla Bonita

    Dress You Up

    Papa Don't Preach

  2. American Life BOX 2033

    Disc 1: the album

    Disc 2: the outtakes

    Disc 3: Acoustic Sessions (Studio recordings of the promo performances and more)

    Disc 4: Remixed and Revisited+ (with extra remixes)

    Disc 5: Reinvention Tour Blu-Ray

    Disc 6: American Life promo videos Blu-Ray

    I think the Hello Suckers! demos would be better for the 2055 Confessions BOX :p

  3. I'm not a huge fan of it :sneaky: I feel it's inconsistent. some of the songs are really great like Music , Paradise and Impressive Instant. others are absolute shit like I Deserve It and Nobody's Perfect. Also I'm not really crazy about the cowgirl look. I think the cyberpunk look from DWT or some futuristic Hindu look in the style of Cyberraga would've looked a lot cooler. Let's face it , a lot of Madonna's work is tied to her image. and I didn't like her Music image :p


  4. I was never really into Runaway Lover. I LOVED Nobody's Perfect when the album first came out, I wanted it so much to be a single, but now I think it's kind of a filler. Here's how I rank the album:

    1. Paradise (Not For Me)

    2. Impressive Instant

    3. Gone (the live version with the piano... :dramatic: )

    4. Music

    5. I Deserve It

    6. What It Feels Like For A Girl

    7. Cyber-Raga (That's right!)

    8. Don't Tell Me

    9. Amazing

    10. Nobody's Perfect (the live version is EXCELLENT)

    11. Runaway Lover

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