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  1. :bad:

    1. funkydita


      My God.  You’re ALIVE?  And there’s me thinking MY hiatus was an extended one.  Although I never really went anywhere, I just left the dance floor to sit at the bar, quietly judging the clientele from a distance.

  2. Stanley has returned, for this most auspicious of occasions. Happy 50th my dear!

    1. funkydita


      Such BARBED CRUELTY can only mean one thing *sigh*; I must be in love with you. Has it really been six years?

  3. LMAO. I knew that UNFORTUNATE looking child reminded me of someone. I recently saw old ANGE LANSBURY playing a miscast Miss M in some film adaptation with LIZ TAYLOR and KIM NOVAK and ROCK HUDSON. It was AWFUL yet FABULOUS.

  4. AH BIEN SUR mon chéri! Who's old HESTER from FRESH FIELDS tryin to kid anyway?

  5. Alias? Ooh, the INTRIGUE. Understand that I'll have to get all Miss Marple on yo azz (Joan RIP Hickson's Marple OF COURSE).

  6. LOL, no I love your posts. You seem funny and bright, two things too short in supply for far too long round THESE PARTS. Oh and this is just one of me trusty old ALIASES I dug out for visit, ha.

  7. Surely unwarranted but bless you. Unless of course you were taking the piss...

  8. Aren't you FABULOUS!!!

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